Domain Technology’s SenseIT IoT: Monitoring, Protecting and Securing “Last Mile” Cold Chain

As our nation and the world struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic, Domain Technology Group is poised to assist in the cold chain shipment and transport of the Covid-19 vaccine’s “Last Mile”. Domain’s powerful sensor and cloud-based software, SenseIT IoT, is ready to become a vital and powerful link in this all-important cold chain.


The complexity of planning and managing the “Last Mile” is clear as our nation attempts to roll out the vaccine as expeditiously as possible. In the CDC’s interim plan, loggers are used to determine if the vaccine has experienced a temperature excursion after the fact and after spoilage.  SenseIT IoT can prevent spoilage by alerting one or many people of an impending issue.  SenseIT IoT can assist in this all-important effort to deliver vaccines uncompromised by improving the monitoring and safety of vaccine shipments from a hospital’s distribution center to remote vaccination clinics (“Last Mile”), thereby reducing spoilage.


What SenseIT IoT can do to protect and ensure safe shipment of the Covid-19 vaccine:

  • Monitor temperature minimum and maximums using NIST certified sensors
  • Salvage shipments by alerting one or many users of a potential temperature excursion based on trends.
  • Monitor light exposure.
  • Alert when containers are opened too often.
  • Secure shipments by registering when and where the container was opened unexpectedly.
  • Track GPS location of the vaccines.
  • Alert if a vaccine is removed from a vaccination clinic site unexpectedly, a security breach.
  • Alert of pending expiration date by lot number.
  • Monitor in real-time in the United States and throughout the world, dependent upon cell service.
  • Monitor continuously during shipment, transport and at the vaccination site.

SenseIT IoT runs on Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA and is highly scalable. Adding new entities and users, as well as training them, takes only hours, not days.  Most importantly, it allows responsible parties to salvage endangered vaccines.  It can continue to monitor while the vaccine is at a remote clinic.


Time limitation for implementation is not a problem as SenseIT IoT is quickly and easily deployed, requiring minimal training. Most importantly, multiple people will be alerted before a temperature excursion, based on recorded temperature trends.


Recently 16,000 doses of vaccine were spoiled due to temperature excursions.  SenseIT IoT is designed to prevent this kind of loss.


For more detailed information about how SenseIT IoT can monitor, protect, and secure the “Last Mile” of Covid-19 Vaccines, please access the link:

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