Anexinet Launches Conversational AI Solution, Enabling Natural Language Interactions via Highly Intelligent Virtual Agents

Anexinet Launches Conversational AI Solution, Enabling Natural Language Interactions via Highly Intelligent Virtual Agents

New Partnership With Industry Leader Amelia Provides AI Foundation for Company’s Latest Offering


 Anexinet Corporation, a leading provider of digital business solutions, today announced its partnership with Amelia, an IPsoft Company, the largest independent leader in enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI). In conjunction with their licensed, innovative AI solution, the partnership enabled Anexinet to launch its newest kickstart: Conversational AI Strategy & Roadmap. This three-week program jumpstarts every organization’s ability to elevate their customer experience and streamline processes by replicating human behavior via advanced automation bots.

To learn more about what makes Conversational AI so much better than a chatbot, check out this recent blog post and this Amelia white paper, then register for our upcoming webinar: Elevate Customer Experience with Conversational AI.

“Amelia and Anexinet have combined the most-human Conversational AI agent with a proven enterprise-class implementation strategy rolled out by the industry’s most talented IT engineers,” said Scott Kohn, Chief Channel Officer at Amelia. “This partnership gives companies a new level of intelligent automation that helps distinguish them for customer service and sets them apart from competitors. We are proud to be working closely with Anexinet.”

Unlike chatbots and more limited virtual assistants that react to keyword-driven instructions and follow static decision trees, the Amelia platform allows users to have natural, human-like conversations to execute tasks or resolve queries. Using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), Amelia is also able to handle complex conversations and digressions, follow context switching, and independently execute complex tasks to resolve user requests.

In just three weeks, Anexinet’s Conversational AI Strategy & Roadmap Kickstart takes a company through ideation, design, and implementation to:

  • Improve operational efficiency while reducing costs.
  • Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Enable digital business transformation at scale.
  • Integrate Conversational AI with current systems.
  • Automate customer service via conversational, cognitive AI.

“The value proposition for Conversational AI is providing increased operational efficiency for any size organization,” said Michael Cirafesi, Anexinet EVP & GM, Digital. “Our partnership with Amelia has helped us create a well-defined, architected, and implemented program to shift repetitive, high-volume tasks from human agents to intelligent virtual agents—freeing up human resources to solve more complex and valuable challenges.”

Anexinet’s Conversational AI Strategy & Roadmap Kickstart joins its highly successful family of strategic kickstarts, which includes:

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About Amelia, an IPsoft Company

Amelia, an IPsoft Company, is the world’s largest privately-held AI software company and a leader in automation and Conversational AI. We create fulfilling human experiences through groundbreaking AI solutions, as we enable conversational experiences, streamline IT operations, and automate processes. In 2014, we launched Amelia, the Most Human AI™. In 2018, we introduced true end-to-end, enterprise-wide automation with the Amelia HyperAutomation Platform, originally named 1Desk. In 2019, we introduced, the world´s first marketplace for cloud-sourced Digital Employees. Headquartered in New York City with offices in 15 countries, Amelia’s roster of client success stories speaks for itself. Our technology impacts more than 500 of the world’s leading brands, including global leaders in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and other industries. See how Amelia, an IPsoft Company, is powering the future of work at


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From intelligent, full-stack engagement strategies and solutions to modern, secure infrastructure products and services, Anexinet provides technology-enabled business transformation that drives value. For over two decades, Anexinet has helped companies worldwide solve their most complex challenges—from engaging front-end interactions to dependable back-end solutions. Their record of client success springs from a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence. For more information, please visit or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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