Boomi: Our Customers are the Real Winners

This is a guest blog post from PACT board member Chris McNabb, CEO of boomi.  Boomi was recently acquired by Francisco Partners and TPG Capital from Dell Technologies for $4 billion.

As a CEO, nothing would make me happier than talking with our customers. I would do it all day – every day – if that were possible. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to customers and partners about Boomi’s next chapter. I can honestly say they are some of the best conversations I’ve ever had.

As you probably know, it was recently announced that Boomi would be acquired by a pair of tier-one private equity firms, Francisco Partners and TPG. I recently wrote about the transaction and why we’re so excited. We’ve had some great media coverage on that, too. But I want to focus for a moment on what I’m hearing from our customers.

Organizations that remove friction through fast, intelligent data discovery and cataloging, pervasive connectivity, process integration, and automating human workflows are the ones best positioned to thrive. And those organizations tell me, time and again, just how foundational our platform has become to their businesses. We aren’t just a vendor to them. We’re a strategic transformation partner. They appreciate how we are relentlessly committed to their success. They say they keep finding new ways that Boomi enables their organizations to become faster, more agile, more mobile, and more responsive. And they’re pleased to hear that our roadmap is on target and that we intend to rise to new heights to help them achieve their outcomes.

I’ve heard story after story about how they’ve transformed IT into the heroes of their operations.

In the past year, a previously little-known biotech company called Moderna was able to move faster and devote less time to thinking about data management issues. That enabled it to have a laser focus on a goal that mattered to all of us – developing and distributing a life-saving vaccine.

Also, Boomi supported a country – yes, an entire nation – as it delivered healthcare access to citizens. When government offices closed because of the pandemic, people had nowhere to renew their healthcare cards. Within days, Boomi and a partner created a digital process to apply for new cards and mail them out, so people could continue to receive medical services during a health crisis. In the first 10 weeks alone, one-third of citizens took advantage of the program.

Colleges such as Boise State, University of Sussex and University of Canberra relied on Boomi to become more resilient as they navigated remote learning and returned students to campus.  And when the Paycheck Protection Program launched to save struggling businesses, Nebraska’s Union Bank & Trust created an online loan application process in just days with Boomi. The bank quickly ranked second nationally for approved loans – far ahead of the financial giants.

There are so many stories like these as customers describe how Boomi has become a verb in their organizations as they say, “Let’s just Boomi it!”  Hearing these inspire me the same way they did when I first met with accounts like Sky Media and Mod Pizza years ago – and they spoke of the thrill and power of having instant access to everything uniquely provided on Boomi’s unified cloud-native platform.

We are delighted our 15,000+ customers worldwide place their trust in us with 95 percent renewing their business at Boomi. We’ve eagerly built a global network of nearly 800 first-class partners because we firmly believe that it’s all about the company you keep. Our Boomiverse community has swelled to more than 100,000 global professionals, who help each other solve problems and tackle challenges. And we’ve achieved that through fostering an inclusive and open work environment where people can be their authentic selves.

So, this is a big moment for Boomi. We’re growing as the world keeps connecting to more clouds and making the best use of more data. As organizations look to provide the best services and products for their customers, they have to move at the speed of modern business and find ways to develop more meaningful relationships. They need what Boomi delivers: Connecting systems, getting the most from their data, creating exceptional user experiences.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll have even more to share, including perspectives on Boomi’s continued focus on making integration and automation competitive advantages for our customers. So, stay tuned. But also know this. Our customers have always been at the center of everything we do. Today, we’re more focused than ever on that mission.

After all, we’re on this journey together.

Chris McNabb

CEO, Boomi