Announcing PACT Solution Builder – Your Solution for Employee Health Benefits

Following on the Heels of our Lion’s Story Racial Literacy Course Offering, PACT is thrilled to announce our latest member benefit, PACT Solution Builder, a one-stop-shop for employee benefits.  Tailored for companies of at least 40 employees, our solution offers BIGGER and BETTER benefits that were not previously accessible for smaller companies.  When was the last time you did a deep dive on your current broker and benefits package?

Providing employees with the BEST employee benefits package is critical for fast-growing and innovative organizations that want to attract and retain top talent. To help our members offer big company benefits at an affordable rate, PACT has partnered with Exude, Inc., an insurance and human capital consulting firm, to create an innovative employee benefits solution that will allow you to fund best in class benefit offerings.

PACT Solution Builder™ allows employers to leverage their collective purchasing power to drive down costs and spread risk in a partially self-funded program. This exclusive program will drive down healthcare costs allowing you to upgrade your benefits and ultimately improve the employee experience. An employee benefits program of this caliber will allow you to compete for talent with some of the largest tech across the country.

Upgrade your benefits plan to include things like: mental health, well-being, child care, pet insurance, travel match, student loan programs, fertility treatments, and health advocacy.

We hosted an informative webinar with Greg Grimm, VP of Employee Benefits at Exude Inc. and Nora Leco, VP of Internal Operations at Think Company.  Greg will be your go-to for any questions or to sign up.  Nora provided a real-life case study on the benefits of partnering with Exude for your benefits.  You can watch the full Webinar now:


We also prepared an informative brochure covering some of the most frequently asked questions: Driving Employee Benefit Innovation 

To take advantage of Solution Builder, or to learn more, please contact Greg Grimm at

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