‘Living in a Privacy Conscious World’ Panelist Sheds Light on Upcoming Phorum Talk

As we gear up for Phorum 2020 (October 7; Penn State Great Valley Campus), we’re kicking off a new series featuring insight from our speakers and panelists. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mark McCreary, CIPP/US, Partner and Co-Chair of the Privacy and Data Security Practice at Fox Rothschild, and one of the experts on the ‘Living in a Privacy-Conscious World’ panel for Phorum 2020.

Data breaches. Ransomware attacks. State privacy laws. Employee missteps. Social media companies pushing boundaries. Spam calls. Cyber insurance. This is just a partial list of things that Mark and his team of sixty-plus attorneys tackle daily in the Privacy and Data Security Practice at Fox Rothschild.

“There are a number of new laws coming out protecting consumer rights to our personal information,” McCreary told PACT. “California led the way, but now we’re seeing activity in almost every state. And for the first time ever, companies are going to be in a position where they have to tell the consumer, ‘this is the data we’re collecting, and this is what we’re going to do with it.’ It will no longer be acceptable to say, ‘we’ll use it for marketing purposes and everything under the sun.’ Those days are quickly going away.”

Another big topic facing the practice is data breach response. We’ve all seen countless horror stories in the media from the likes of Target and Home Depot to Equifax and Capital One, among others.

“We need to help our clients navigate through multiple laws because there is no federal law dealing with data breaches,” said McCreary. “We help them deal with it, understand when and how to notify individuals, whether a company needs to provide credit monitoring and ensuring they are compliant throughout.”

One of the things that McCreary stresses to his clients and intends to talk about at Phorum 2020, is how now, companies are facing a great opportunity to start to comply with the new regulations slowly instead of trying to do it under the gun when it’s much more expensive and much more messy.

“I think businesses are really starting to take a deeper and more serious look at these things, and they realize it’s overdue,” he said. “For so long the reaction has been, ‘we’ve never had a data breach, we’ve never had a privacy issue,’ but the criminals are going out and targeting companies so we’re going to see these issues arise in many different industries.”

McCreary also plans to spend some time talking about increases in ransomware attacks and the more sophisticated these criminals are becoming, and the safeguards companies can put in place. Another hot topic sure to be talked about on stage is biometrics.

“There is so much going on in the world of privacy and data security,” he said. “This should be a great panel and we’re looking forward to sharing our expertise on the topics.”

The ‘Living in a Privacy-Conscious World’ panel is only one of the three global trends being explored at Phorum 2020. To learn more about Phorum or secure tickets, visit https://philadelphiapact.com/phorum-philly/ today.