Sean Lyden MD Cleveland Clinic from the main stage at ISET 2024 “Aortic fixation, what can we do to improve?”

West Chester, PA (1/26/2024) – VESTECK, Inc. is excited to announce that the “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm catheter technology was presented at the iconic ISET meeting in Miami FL on January 24, 2024. 

During the main stage sessions, Sean Lyden MD, Professor and Chairman Vascular Surgery Cleveland Clinic discussed endovascular (EVAR/TEVAR) “Aortic Fixation, what can we do to improve?”

Prof. Lyden explained the “risk of device failure” (in EVAR/TEVAR) can be attributed to “aortic degeneration, material fatigue and morphologic changes.”

Later in his presentation, Prof. Lyden highlighted the “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm catheter, as a potential solution and the progress VESTECK is making around the world.

The “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm catheter was used by 8 different clinicians in 12 successful First in Human cases, completed in N. America, Europe and Australia.

VESTECK, Inc. is preparing to begin their pivotal trial for FDA 510k clearance to market.

Remember “The case isn’t finished until it is “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm”

About VESTECK, Inc.( is a clinical stage medical device company focused on bringing a platform technology to the aortic repair, structural heart, peripheral vascular markets.  The “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm catheter comes preloaded with 4 pair of nitinol sutures, it secures EVAR/TEVAR grafts to the aorta on initial implant or during repair procedures.  “SUTURE-TIGHT”tm brings a precise, easy to use technology to physicians, patients and payors.

The VESTECK, Inc. “SUTURE-TIGHT”TM is not commercially available in the USA or OUS. 


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