PACT Now Offering Lion’s Story Racial Literacy Course as Added Membership Benefit

PACT is proud to announce a brand-new member benefit at no additional charge.  We are now offering our members the ability to participate in the 2021 Racial Literacy Institute, produced and provided by Lion’s Story.  PACT will cover 100% of the cost of participating.  Lion’s Story is a Philadelphia company using the decades-long research of Dr. Howard C. Stevenson of the University of Pennsylvania to teach racial literacy and develop social justice leaders.

This is not a substitute for DEI training.  This is a differentiated, personalized experience held in 4, three-hour sessions from August 16th – 19th.

Interested PACT members should apply to participate at THIS LINK.

Positions are limited for this first PACT cohort so a timely application is highly encouraged.


About Lion’s Story
In today’s social, political and business climate, the ability to have productive conversations about race is vital. Unfortunately, all too often, people are ill-equipped to have these important conversations with one another — especially when two or more people are from different backgrounds with different lived experiences. Lion’s Story provides training and workshops that help businesses and individuals have those conversations and build what we call “racial literacy.” The goal is to teach people and organizational leaders how to use critical communication skills to address racial stress when it happens in order to build and nurture a culture of equity, inclusion and understanding – whether that’s in the classroom, conference room or in our own homes.



*In order to be eligible for the free course, you MUST apply via the PACT website.  Participation is limited to 2-3 employees per member company.  Space is limited.