Meet the 2017 Featured Companies!
45 Entrepreneurial Companies will pitch their innovations live in front of investors, professional advisors and key decision makers at the 2017 capital conference on November 1st and 2nd. During the pitching hours, these featured companies will receive direct feedback (aka: Direct IMPACT) with hopes to take home funding, gain experience and make lasting business connections. Three companies will be chosen to enter the Lion’s Den where they will pitch their products live!

Astarte Medical
College Affordability LLC
dbaza Health
EmpowerTheUser (ETU)
GenneveGordian Knot
GSI Health

MBF Therapeutics (MBFT)
Mobilion Systems, Inc.
Novapeutics LLC
Recensa Therapeutics


SFA Therapeutics
Social Detection
Social Ladder
Statum Health
Strados Labs
Therapeutic Articlulations
Trovita Health Science
Untethered Labs
Verge Aero


Direct Impact & Lion’s Den Returns November 2017!
The PACT 2017 Capital Conference will feature the return of its interactive Company Presentation format that provides featured companies with “Direct Impact” feedback from selected venture investors. Based on this feedback, selected featured company presenters will also be considered for entrance into the Lion’s Den!

What is the Lion’s Den?
An interactive panel of highly successful entrepreneurs presented with investment opportunities from Featured Companies. They will choose up to four companies to enter the Lion’s Den for the final round. The Lions will make investment commitments LIVE in front of the audience for select finalists.

How Can You Be Considered for the Lion’s Den? (Optional)
The information gathered by our panel of investors during the “Direct Impact” featured company presentations on November 2nd will be used to select the finalists to enter the Lion’s Den.
Consideration for the Lion’s Den is optional. Featured company applicants interested in being considered expressed their interest during the application process.

New Company Application Platform – CLOSED


  • Top emerging companies from the Technology, Healthcare, and Early Stage sectors
  • 15 – 18 companies per industry to present on November 2
  • All stages of development

In lieu of an application, we accepted company slide decks for the selection committee to review. To be considered for a presentation slot, companies uploaded an investor slide deck with FULL CONTACT INFORMATION. 

Application Criteria

  • Decks should be limited to 15 slides (including the cover)
  • The following information shall be included/addressed in the Investor Deck:
    • Summary Financial Data: 5 YR Summary Income Statement: (Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margin and EBITDA) for the 2 most completed years, the current year and the next 2 years.  For example, a calendar year company would present 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  If the company had no operations in 2015 or 2016 put N/A in applicable year(s).
      • Please provide a picture like shown:
        2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

        • Rev
        • CGS
        • GM
        • EBITDA
        • (Numbers in ‘000’s)
    • Capital Raised to Date.  Investors – If capital has been raised by institutional investors please note by who.  If raised by angle investors or HNW individual you may just note as Angles or HNW (unless you wish to disclose)
    • Amount of Financing Sought and use of funds
      • Please list the firms with which the company has key professional relationships, specifically (if applicable): Accounting, Legal and Commercial Bank
      • Current Headcount
      • Location
      • Contact information for the CEO and, if applicable, senior financial member of the team (Controller, VP of Finance, CFO)
  • The Investor Deck should address the following:
    • Vision/Elevator Pitch
    • The problem/pain point the offer addresses
    • Market Opportunity
    • Your Solution: Product/Service description
    • Please include stage (prototype, beta, live in 10 client sites, etc.)
    • Revenue Model and Pricing
    • Marketing Plan
    • Team
    • Financial Projections (see additional details above)
    • Competitive Landscape

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