2022 Virtual Holiday Fundraiser for Broad Street Ministry

PACT Virtual Holiday Fundraiser

We have officially entered the 2021 Holiday Season. PACT has an annual tradition of raising donations and awareness for charities near and dear to our heart. For the third year in a row, through PACT’s 501c3 Foundation, we’ll be supporting our neighbors at Broad Street Ministry via a virtual fundraiser, Broad Street Ministry’s vision that “every person will be seen, recognized and restored” resonates with us now more than ever.

Broad Street Ministry

Broad Street Ministry was started back in 2005 as an alternative church community but has blossomed into a vital staple of the underserved population of the Philadelphia region. In addition to worship services, Broad Street Ministries also help people in poverty stabilize their lives through hospitality, food and clothing. That is where YOU and your donations come in. Your donations can help us replenish their Clothing Closet.

Once the fundraiser closes, the PACT Team will use 100% of the donated funds to replenish the Clothing Closet with new clothing and cold weather gear. The PACT team will not only shop for the clothes but will also hand-deliver them to Broad Street Ministry. (We promise to provide numerous photos and videos of the PACT team shopping in an 80’s Sitcom/Movie montage kind of way.)

Because the donation is to the 501c3 PACT Foundation, it’s tax deductible. Everybody wins!

Please help us make a difference in the Philadelphia community. You can donate by heading over to our Donations Page.