Why is the PACT Capital Conference important for investors THIS year? In a word: efficiency.

Capital Conference 2022 header

Jason Bannon, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA

A while back I was told, “If you truly want to understand what’s going on in Philadelphia’s innovation and investment scene in any given year, the PACT Capital Conference is the one event you have to attend.”

A lot of things happened a while back, however: Jarts, plastic straws, free checked bags, etc. Times and priorities change.

In 2022, planning any given week hits differently than it did in previous years, and if you and I have spoken lately, I’ve probably mentioned to you how focused I’ve been on the efficiency of time.

Increased quality of time spent, both on meaningful conversations and productive work, became an even more bullish point of focus for so many of us—which is exactly why the PACT Capital Conference (Cap Con) has still been something I’ve had on my calendar for months.

If you’ve been choosy about how you spend your in-person time this year, efficiency is likely one of your drivers. And if someone gave you the opportunity to spend a night and a day with the greatest concentration of viable burgeoning companies and experienced investors in a top 30 global innovation market, ranked top ten in life sciences, you’d likely be interested, right? If someone said this is happening at a locale known as a top destination for travelers around the world, your attention would likely increase. If you could do this without worrying about jet lag, airport food, or TSA lines, you’d be even more interested, wouldn’t you?

If you’re within commutable distance to Philadelphia, that’s exactly what the PACT Cap Con is. And if you’re coming from a little farther out, this year’s conference agenda will still be one of the most fun, engaging and efficient uses of your time on the ground anywhere. One of the best parties of the year is happening at the Reading Terminal Market, which is one of the best destinations in a city home to UNESCO world heritage sites, James Beard award-winning restaurants, Diddy-backed creative ventures, and so much more.

Yes, times and priorities change, but the value of this ticket is still one of the greatest. You can probably end the year still missing Jarts, yet feeling good about the choices you’ve made with your time. If you miss the PACT Cap Con, I can’t guarantee the same outcome.

Still need tickets? Reserve them here and let your colleagues know you’re coming (by inviting them to join you!)