Veeva Link Now Available for 12 Therapeutic Areas Across More Than 50 Countries

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Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced the availability of 11 new therapeutic areas in the Veeva Link customer intelligence platform. Initially started in oncology, the platform delivers deep, curated expert profiles with real-time insights that help life sciences teams find and engage with global experts across twelve therapeutic areas.

“The platform allows us to transform customer engagement by better connecting with key people, understanding the ecosystem around them, and making every interaction more relevant,” said Gandolf Finke, CEO at Fosanis. “Partnering with Veeva will help us bring our life-changing digital solutions to patients.”

Veeva Link delivers detailed information on key people — such as their expertise, collaborations, and scientific and digital activities. Dynamic profiles are sourced from thousands of publicly available data sources, including social media feeds, publications, clinical trials, events, and associations.

The expanded offering provides accurate and relevant data on influential stakeholders in bacterial infections, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hepatology, nephrology, neurology, respiratory, rheumatology, and virology, in addition to its existing oncology solution.

“With our expansion to new therapeutic areas and the depth of our profiles, Veeva Link is setting the industry standard for real-time customer intelligence,” said Kilian Weiss, general manager for Veeva Link at Veeva Systems. “By tapping into a broad range of digital and scientific data sources and embedding these insights into Veeva’s Commercial Cloud, we are helping the healthcare community improve research and patient care.”

For more information on Veeva Link and the new therapeutic areas, watch the 2021 Veeva Commercial & Medical North America Summit Connect on-demand. The live online event featured sessions from top 20 pharmaceutical companies discussing how customer insights from Veeva Link are helping them drive more agile, personalized interactions and build stronger relationships, as well as from a rapidly growing biotech about using market-level insights to accelerate its first product launch.

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