Special Message from SAP

Dear Fellow PACT Members,

Over these past days and weeks, we have seen an incredibly challenging and fluid global crisis unfold.  Much of the nation’s workforce is adjusting to working from home, and companies are shifting operations, taking proactive steps to help their employees, customers, and communities weather this challenging situation.

SAP wants you to know that we are here to help you move forward with the least amount of disruption possible.  Effective immediately, we’re opening access to technologies that can help your organizations continue to progress, including:

  • EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE: Most organizations have moved from a largely in-house workforce to a completely remote workforce almost overnight. How are your employees managing that change? How about you? Here’s a quick and easy way to check-in with your team(s). You can make sure your people are safe and supported, and that they have what they need to work, to be productive, and to feel successful. This Remote Work Pulse is free, and you can launch it almost instantly. We hope it helps.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN: Supply chains are under immense pressure right now, and many companies are shifting operations to produce much-needed medical supplies. To help, we’re providing free access to Ariba Discovery where you can post your sourcing needs and get quick responses from suppliers who can deliver from all across the world, helping you minimize shipment delays, and respond to consumer demand. Check out this Business Insider article on how a local hospital leveraged Discovery to get much-needed supplies to manage treatment for COVID-19.
  • TRAVEL: Travel is what you do every day to keep your company moving. But when planes aren’t flying, the business still needs your expertise. So SAP has opened up complimentary TripIt Pro accounts for the next six months to help you manage this.

A full list of these and other complimentary offerings can be found on our website here, as well as a letter from our Co-CEOs here.

We’re all in this together, navigating the same unchartered waters, and we will get through this.  If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out.  SAP is here to help!

Best Regards,

Lloyd Adams

Senior Vice Present & Managing Director, East Market Unit

SAP North America