At Phorum 2022, thought leaders and practitioners will be tackling some of the biggest questions facing enterprises in the age after ”automation." How will the workplace and talent model evolve in a virtual, low-contact future? How do we unlock the best of machines and humans to reimagine our operating model? How can we democratize tools and technologies like automation and AI to drive an inclusive culture? How will customer expectations change in an on-demand, hyper-automated society?


Philadelphia’s premier enterprise technology conference, purposely designed for CIOs, CTOs, and other business and technology executives focused on how enterprises can maximize the business value of specific technologies and innovation.

Industry thought leaders as well as hands-on practitioners will provide engaging content through keynotes, panels, and interactive discussions to help businesses and technology executives understand how technology can be pragmatically applied to transform the enterprise and achieve strategic business goals.

In addition, the conference will also feature the popular “Phorum Demo World” where conference attendees experience, first-hand, some of the most innovative technologies being developed in and around the Philadelphia region. We’ll also feature the Showcase Exhibition for cutting-edge technology companies to meet and demo their product with key enterprise decision makers.

Each year top executives from around the country gather at Phorum in a highly entertaining and collegial atmosphere.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
8:00 AM – Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Conference, Showcase, and Demo World
4:00 PM – Networking Reception
Penn State Great Valley Conference Center


PACT’s  highest priority at any and all in-person events is the health and safety of our attendees. As a result, we will at a minimum, strictly adhere to current CDC, local and venue guidelines when planning and executing in-person events. For the immediate future, PACT will require proof of vaccination for all attendees of in-person events. PACT event staff has been certified in Pandemic Onsite Protocol.

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Networking, Demo World, Showcase and more. Click the gallery below to see what you’ve been missing and find out what you can expect to see at this year’s Phorum.

Phorum 2019 Conference



Wednesday, April 27, 2022 – all listed times are ET

  • Speakers and times are still a work in progress!


8:00 AM    Registration opens & Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by: Comcast Business

8:30 AM    Demo World Pitches & Judges Q&A sessions

Sponsored by: Bentley Systems & Osage Venture Partners

10:00 AM    Conference Kick-off – PSGV Chancellor, Jim Nemes and Dean Miller, PACT

10:05 AM    Emerging Technology Trends

Today’s technology scene may be a once-in-a-generation, post-pandemic unleashing of collaborative energy – meeting enormous opportunities of pent-up customer demand, and accelerated “anything-from-anywhere” expectations. At the same time, though, there are headline stories of scams and hype (yes, NFTs, we’re looking at you) that may be signaling a hazardous “silly season”: it’s possible that any post-lockdown novelty can find someone who’s ready to fund it. This year’s Phorum, as always, seeks to offer bold but not reckless navigational advice, and Peter Coffee of Salesforce returns for another of his introductory sessions. 

Peter Coffee, Salesforce

Sponsored by: AMETEK

10:20 AM    Automation Heralds a New Era of Productivity 

Automation is helping doctors provide better care to patients. It is finding people jobs. It is helping governments provide better services to citizens. UiPath is the leading voice in the automation first age – defining how a robot for every person means that every employee in an organization is directly or indirectly benefiting from the use of software robots. These employees get the ability to focus on more valuable work—which creates happier workers, better products, and a competitive edge in the market. Despite these incredible capabilities, today’s robots are still young and have much to learn. As they mature, they will evolve and become smarter and more capable of helping people.

In this fireside chat moderated by Rajendra Prasad of Accenture, UiPath Chief Corporate Development Officer Vijay Khanna will share his perspective on how automation is unlocking human potential and democratizing the benefits of the productivity boom around the world and share what he believes is the next major step forward in emulating human work through automation.

Presentation by Vijay Khanna, UiPath followed by Discussion and Q&A with Rajendra Prasad, Accenture 

Sponsored by: Vanguard

11:00    AM    AM Break

11:15 AM    Topic – Technologies 

Conversation – Disrupters – Inventors; creating the technologies

New computing paradigms, networking and machine learning models are driving technology breakthroughs at a rapid pace.  From digital finance, to reusable rockets, to robotics, the metaverse, and to protein folding.  At the same time many companies and public institutions are struggling with organizing data, or keeping up with security patches, applied to 30 year old systems. How do we take the world as we find it, and bridge to this next generation of technology in a way that people value? How do we accelerate the creation of massive new markets using capabilities that used to be too costly, or too inaccessible, so that they become everyday expectations?  In this fireside chat we will discuss a five to ten year view over the horizon of the most disruptive technologies and how companies are using these technologies today to create the markets of the future.

Phil Moyer, Google

Allen Born, Fairmount Partners

Sponsored by: SAP

11:45 AM    Topic – Products & Services

Discussion with IT / Tech Leaders – Innovators & developers; scaling and creating use cases around the technology

To be a maker of products, or to be a provider of services, used to be a choice – and within those separate spheres were other, also either/or choices. Manufacturing meant pursuing either the efficiencies of mass production, or greater profit margins at smaller scale in the luxury sector. Services were either “the easy 10% for the 90%” at minimal cost, or a concierge experience for the 1% – at a price to match. All of those either/ors are now converging to “and.” A “product” is now accompanied by after-sale, value-adding services, personalized with the aid (increasingly) of embedded machine intelligence. Customization of products at time of sale, and configurability during use, are enabled by flexible manufacturing and soft user interfaces. Today’s mass market has the “mass customization” that Alvin Toffler anticipated forty years ago, enabled by “acts of technology”—as discussed earlier today—that have applied new knowledge to what are often long-standing desires.

What this requires, though, is a change of viewpoint, from the supply-side “What can we make?” and “What can we do?” of a previous age to the demand-side “What would they love?” and “How would they want to use this?” of now. The use case, and its enablement at scale, are now the territories for differentiation. How can we draw that map and navigate that journey?

Pritesh Davda, L’Oréal

Bharti Rai, Novartis

Tom Whalon, SEI

Moderator – Scott Snyder, Phd, EVERSANA

Sponsored by: Anexinet

12:30 PM    Networking Lunch – Demos & Showcase

Sponsored by: Comcast Business

12:30 PM    Technology Executives Roundtable – exclusive session by invitation only

Topic:  ROI in AI:  Measure Value to Deliver Value

Discussion on the importance and approach to measure and analyze value created by AI use cases:

      • Broader data management
      • Data life cycle – data collection (privacy), cleaning (integrity), lineage, storage, analytics and insights and AI
      • Use of graph technologies
      • Procedures, tools

Jad Abou-Maarouf, Fulton Bank

Murugan Anandarajan, PhD, LeBow School of Business, Drexel University

Ben Williams, Exyn Technologies

Neerav Vyas, Capgemini

Moderator – Allan Frank, Think New Visions

Sponsored by: Boomi

1:30PM    Topic – Team

Discussion with HR / Talent – Deployers; implementing the technologies

Going into the pandemic, “human resources” was a procurement function: it went shopping for people, and tried to pay the lowest possible price for adequately skilled but essentially interchangeable employees. No more: the prospective employee is now a customer, not a supplier, purchasing a basket of compensation and benefits – while paying for it with, literally, the best years of people’s lives. Employers who think they’re still dictating the terms are seeing their best people disengage, or even depart entirely. The era of remote work sees some people working more than one job; it is seeing top talent readily recruited away, by competitors who are more prepared to offer flexible work arrangements rather than demanding an across-the-board “back to the office.”

Attracting new talent, when the usual supply pipeline of high school and college graduates is running less freely than before; retaining experienced workers, when their pandemic lockdown has accelerated their savings and perhaps stimulated thinking about an earlier retirement; preventing burnout of the people in the middle, who are under pressure to make up the shortfall while working under conditions that turn “working from home” into “living at work”: all of these are intensifications of what have always been among the greatest challenges for technology companies. What does it take to construct the workplace, to define and build the culture, and to grow and satisfy the team – in a time of accelerating change of what’s being made, and how it’s being sold, across every industry and institution?

Julia Alexander, ExecOnline

Mick Collins, SAP SuccessFactors

John Heyliger, Lockheed Martin

Moderator – Christina Cary, Heidrick & Struggles

Sponsored by: Cigniti Technologies

2:15 PM    Rajendra Prasad, Accenture, Author of The Automation Advantage

In this ever growing competitive world, while cost savings and efficiency have been the main benefits of automation in previous years, the rapid emergence of AI and machine-learning technologies are allowing companies to use intelligent automation to gain a competitive advantage. Automation, data and AI have the power to drive innovation through faster speed to market, improved product quality, higher productivity, and an elevated customer and employee experience. By building an “automation-first” culture, automation can create enhanced collaboration between people and machines, improve decision-making and free up resources and capacity. The pandemic has also put security and systems resilience as a top priority of business leaders, with automation able to predict and auto-resolve these challenges. Rajendra Prasad (RP), global automation lead at Accenture and co-author of “The Automation Advantage” will talk about how to use a holistic approach of process, technology and talent to drive automation and answer the question he gets asked most: “How do I scale and sustain automation across the enterprise?”. He’ll also discuss what is on the horizon and the top trends driving the future of automation.

Presentation by Rajendra Prasad, Accenture followed by Discussion and Q&A with  John Guillaume, Comcast Business

Sponsored by: Fairmount Partners

3:00 PM    PM Break

3:15PM     Topic – Profitability, efficiencies, scale through IT Automation

In this fireside chat moderated by Greg Tinker of Anexinet, Automation Anywhere’s Global Head Private Equity, Tamas Hevizi, will focus on how to realize business outcomes through automation, and share his perspective on how automation requires an organization to identify specific, measurable, and result-oriented goals as well as the GAP between the existing and desired end state and how the decisions around automating an existing process vs building a new process will yield a successful automation journey.

Tamas Hevizi, Automation Anywhere

Greg Tinker, Anexinet

Sponsored by: Ametek

3:45 PM    Wrap Up & Demo World Best in Show

​​Putting It All Together – Connected Themes

What makes it Phorum is the from-all-angles view that considers the technology, the business environment, and the social and cultural expectations that intersect to drive and shape life-changing innovations. We bring it all together in this concluding summary and what-comes-next analysis from Phorum regular Peter Coffee, former Technology Editor of eWEEK and VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce.

Peter Coffee, Salesforce

Sponsored by: Bentley Systems & Osage Venture Partners

4:00 PM    Networking Reception

Sponsored by: Fox Rothschild


Jad Abou-Maarouf

Fulton Bank

Jad has a passion for building bridges between people and within organizations. In his role as chief data officer at Fulton Bank, he looks for opportunities to connect the business and technical teams to obtain results that will impact the organization as a whole with information and not just the goals of one team. He enjoys working with people and understanding their strengths and challenges to harness their abilities and help them to grow in their careers as well as personally. To him the most important aspect of any organization that he is involved with both professionally and personally, is the human aspect. He wants to build relationships that help everyone showcase their talents in a way in which we all win. Jad held various leadership roles in the financial, insurance and telecommunication industries and he is currently involved at the executive advisory level with global companies that are delivering disruptive technologies. In addition, he is engaged in supporting various community organizations in the local Philadelphia area.

Murugan Anandarajan, PhD

Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business

Dr. Murugan Anandarajan is a professor of MIS at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, where he also serves as the academic director for the Center for Business Analytics and the senior associate dean for academic programs. His research, teaching, and publications focus on various areas of analytics, including unstructured data mining, cybercrime, and the strategic management of emerging technologies.

Christina Cary

Heidrick & Struggles

Christina’s search work focuses on functional roles in human resources including CHRO, CPO, divisional and regional heads of HR, and centers of excellence leaders in talent management, talent acquisition, learning and development, HR operations, total rewards and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Christina’s industry expertise is predominantly focused on the technology and services sectors, including software/SaaS and cloud, consumer-tech, fin-tech, information services and professional services. She has experience working for companies at various stages of their lifecycles, including PE/VC-backed, high-growth pre-IPO, and public, many of which are expanding globally.

Prior to joining Heidrick & Struggles, Christina worked in the private wealth management business of JPMorgan Chase, providing customized solutions including capital advisory, investment asset allocation, and trust and estate planning recommendations for individuals within the private equity, hedge fund, and trading spaces. She began pursuing her MBA during her early years at JPMorgan Chase.

Peter Coffee


Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, has been with the company for 15 years. His global work supports C-suite teams, data governance professionals, and innovators in connected product and “big data” domains in many industries and institutions.

Prior to joining Salesforce, Peter spent eighteen years as a technology analyst, columnist, editor, and frequent contributor for IT publications including eWEEK, PC WeekComputer Language and AI Expert. He has written widely on cloud security and privacy, and was a chapter contributor to Prentice Hall’s Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity. He previously served as the first Manager for Desktop Computing Planning at The Aerospace Corporation, where he also worked in space-asset applications of AI techniques. Before that, he held project management roles at Exxon Corporation ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic.

Peter received his engineering degree from MIT in 1978 and an MBA from Pepperdine University in 1985; he has held college faculty appointments in expert-systems programming, IT management, and business analytics, while also lecturing at Stanford, CalTech, Harvard Business School, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT as well as other institutions in Europe, Asia and South America. He advises on curriculum and degree program planning in analytics and “big data” initiatives for three U.S. universities. He is co-founder and President of the Foundation for Intelligent Life on Earth, a Seattle-based sponsor of efforts addressing climate change, conservation, STEAM education, and exploration of earth and space.

John Guillaume

Comcast Business

John is the Chief Design Officer at Comcast Business. Through modern product design and development approaches, John and his team set out to discover opportunities for breakthrough customer experiences and product innovation.
John has 25-years of product leadership, operating, and development experience in technology and telecom services. Outside of work, John is active with his family, enjoying most things outdoors, including running, cycling, and golf.

Tamas Hevizi

Automation Anywhere

Tamas Hevizi is the Head of Privat­­e Equity at Automation Anywhere. His team supports 80+ private equity firms around the world enabling value creation plans with intelligent automation in their portfolio companies. The private equity program focuses on automating front and backoffice processes for significant EBITDA gains in key PE sectors like healthcare, life sciences, industrials, technology, BFSI and consumer/retail. They partner extensively with startups and service providers to deliver business outcomes.

Previously Mr. Hevizi had various global leadership roles at SAP. He managed SAP’s global Private Equity program and led SAP’s global Value Engineering organization focused on technology value creation.  Prior to joining SAP, Tamas spent over 15 years in various technology startups and as a partner at Ernst & Young.

Tamas holds a Masters in Finance from Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. He is also alumnus of the inaugural Wharton School General Management Program.

John Heyliger

Lockheed Martin

John Heyliger is the Director, Workforce Planning, Strategy & Analytics at Space for Lockheed Martin Corporation. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading strategic workforce planning, new ways of working, talent analytics, STEM pipeline programs and digital workforce transformation value streams.  Previously, John led Talent Acquisition function at Lockheed Martin that focused on college, intern and experienced professional recruiting, as well as global mobility and employment branding from Feb 2014 to September 2019.

Throughout his career, he has led several critical initiatives for Lockheed Martin, including implementation of workforce planning process and systems, recruiting automation applications and scaling the recruiting function to support 3,000+ external hires annually. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, John spent more than 20 years in talent acquisition and talent management roles in technology, industrial and services industries.

Phil Moyer

Google Cloud

Philip Moyer is VP of Strategic Industries, Google Cloud. Philip and his team manage the relationships with Google’s largest enterprise customers as they leverage Google Cloud to innovate within their industries (Retail, Healthcare, Telecomm, Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Manufacturing).  Prior to Google, Philip was Director of Financial Services at Amazon Web Services where he managed Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance and Payments. He previously managed a Venture Capital portfolio in FinTech, Healthtech, and MarTech at Safeguard Scientifics, He was CEO of two financial technology companies, EDGAR Online and Cassiopae. He spent 15 years at Microsoft where he managed global customer teams, industry teams and services organizations. Philip has a Computer Science degree from University of Pittsburgh and started his career as a software engineer for nuclear submarines at GE Aerospace.

Scott Snyder

Eversana and the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Snyder is a recognized thought leader in technology and innovation. He has more than 30 years of experience in emerging technologies, business strategy and innovation, and digital transformation for Global 1000 companies and startup ventures.  He is the co-author of Goliath’s Revenge: How Established Companies Turn the Tables on Digital Disruptors and the author of The New World of Wireless: How to Compete in the 4G Revolution.

Dr. Snyder is currently the Chief Digital Officer of EVERSANA focused on accelerating the life sciences commercialization model.  Dr. Snyder was recently the Global Head of Digital and Innovation at Heidrick Consulting.  Before Heidrick, he was the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Safeguard Scientifics. Prior to Safeguard, Dr. Snyder was the Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Mobiquity (recently acquired by Hexaware), a leader in delivering innovative mobile and digital solutions for enterprises.

Dr. Snyder is a Senior Fellow in the Management Department at the Wharton School, an Adjunct Faculty Member in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and has lectured at MIT, Babson, Duke, Georgia Tech and INSEAD.  Dr. Snyder is a Digital Economy Project Fellow for the World Economic Forum and sits on the Penn Health Tech Advisory Board.


Greg Tinker


Greg Tinker is CTO of Anexinet and SVP of Automation. He is responsible for researching, identifying, and applying innovative technologies that drive business outcomes. Recognized as a leader in the IT industry, Greg has multiple patent filings, Nemours disclosures, and published articles.  Prior to Anexinet, Greg founded an award-winning, IT engineering and services firm, SereneIT, focused on data centers, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), automation, and cloud/Hybrid IT. In 2020, Anexinet acquired SereneIT and appointed him to the Board of Directors.

Early in his career, Greg discovered a passion for Linux Security and coding.  In 1999, he joined HPE where he held several positions, and ultimately was elevated to the title of Distinguished Technologist/Strategist.  He studied Mechanical engineering at Southern Polytechnic State University and resides in Georgia with his wife and two children. Greg enjoys coaching baseball, spending time with his family, and recreational water sports.

At Anexinet, we stand true to our founding mission of more than two decades: “To drive better business outcomes by leveraging valuable technology.” We are committed to our clients’ success and work to ensure that they are utilizing the right technology for their organization. We help mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies improve how they engage with their customers through: compelling experiences, automation and employee enablement, integrated business applications, applied intelligence, and infrastructure modernization.

Tom Whalon


Tom Whalon is the Director of Enterprise Architecture at SEI. He brings 40 years of experience in advanced technology, design innovation and platform architecture. His career has encompassed substantial time at both small, entrepreneurial companies as well as larger established firms like SEI.

SEI’s Enterprise Architecture Team establishes a technology strategy and roadmap that enables SEI to support current and future business and technology capabilities. Across the enterprise, Architecture drives a shared strategic vision that allows SEI to continuously and quickly adapt the architectural designs, innovative technologies, advanced application patterns, and modern data structures that empower the services in the SEI platforms.



Julia Alexander


Julia Alexander is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of ExecOnline where she is responsible for global course operations, data and analytics, and university partnerships.

Julia previously served as CEO of Dalberg Research, an emerging markets-focused global research firm and began her career at Goldman, Sachs & Co.

She brings her passion for data-driven decision making, innovative content delivery channels, and superior client service to ExecOnline’s programs.

Julia holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in International Relations from Stanford University

Allen Born

Fairmount Partners

Allen Born focuses on originating and executing middle-market investment banking transactions in the technology sector. He has advised on exclusive sale assignments, buy-side transactions, financings, and various other strategic advisory assignments and has completed more than 50 transactions totaling over $13 billion in consideration.

Prior to joining Fairmount, Allen was a member of Stifel Nicolaus’ technology investment banking group, where he led the firm’s Internet investment banking effort. Prior to the acquisition, he spent five years as a member of Legg Mason’s Strategic Advisory Group, where he was responsible for executing middle-market M&A and financial advisory engagements. Previously, Allen worked in business development and branch operations at Epoch Internet, a privately held Internet service provider.

Allen serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (“PACT”) as well as the steering committee for the Phorum Technology Conference. 

Allen Born received his M.B.A. with a concentration in Finance from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and his B.S. in Finance, with a minor in Economics, from The Pennsylvania State University.


Mick Collins

SAP SuccessFactors

Mick Collins is a Global Vice President within the SAP SuccessFactors GTM team, supporting business development for the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and People Analytics products. In this role, Mick is responsible for driving global business strategy for each solution and supporting regional sales teams to grow pipeline and boost sustainable solution revenue. Specific responsibilities include crafting internal & external product communications, engaging with partners, owning product demo health, advising on solution roadmaps, incubating new products, supporting strategic deals, and maintaining executive relationships with long-term customers.

Mick’s expertise is drawn primarily from 15 years of consulting and marketing in the HR analytics & planning domains. Mick has delivered hundreds of presentations and workshops to public- and private-sector organizations on how to build their capabilities for data-driven decision-making in HR.

Mick has a Master’s degree in Political Science from Virginia Tech and a BA (Hons) in Economics & Politics from the University of Leeds, England.

Pritesh Davda


Pritesh joined L’Oréal in 2005 and has played multiple roles supporting Digital Technologies, Enterprise Architecture, and managing Business Relationships in the last 17 years of his tenure at L’Oréal. He has had an integral role on L’Oréal’s Digital team to modernize eCommerce and content management platforms, which have become the global standards for the organization. For the last four years, as the CIO for L’Oréal USA, he manages business relationships with stakeholders. Additionally, driving investment decisions by fostering a culture of agility, sustainability, and diversity to create the beauty that moves the world.

Allan Frank

Think New Visions

Allan Frank is the CEO of the strategic technology advisory firm, Think New Visions.  He founded the company after retiring as Chief Technology & Innovation Officer for Capgemini Invent, a global business unit of the Capgemini Group.   He also led the Data & Analytics Solutions practice within Capgemini Invent North America.  He brings over 45 years of technology and business leadership.  His background includes Chief Digital Officer for The Hackett Group, President, CTO & Cofounder of Hackett/Answerthink, Inc, CTO for the City of Philadelphia, and Partner-in-Charge of Enabling Technologies Consulting, CTO & Board member with KPMG Peat Marwick.

Allan focuses on the application of transformational technologies the disruptive role of Artificial Intelligence in the Re-Imagined Enterprise. Allan is also a recognized expert in the areas of information delivery, decision support and knowledge management. He has been recognized for his contributions to the IT Industry by several technology publications including Philadelphia Tech, where he was selected as one of the top 10 Technology Leaders in the region and InformationWeek, where he was selected as one of the top 10 Technology Innovators in the United States.  Mr. Frank received the Computerworld Premier 100 Award which identified him as one of the top 100 people in the U.S. having an exceptional ability to lead their organizations through the effective use of technology.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Computer Science and Master of Business Administration in Finance from Lehigh University and he is also a non-practicing Certified Public Accountant.  He currently serves as a member of Board of Advisors of the Drexel Lebow College of Business.

Vijay Khanna


Vijay leads the Corporate Development, Venture Investments & Strategic Partnership functions at UiPath. At UiPath, we are on a mission to unlock human creativity and ingenuity by empowering workers through automation. We envision a world with a robot for every knowledge worker. With >$818 million in Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR), UiPath is the automation platform of choice for 10,000+ customers globally including 90% of the Fortune 10 and 75% of the Fortune Global 500.

Prior to UiPath, Vijay ran M&A Strategy for SAP. He founded and served as CEO at konciergeMD to harness the power of modern web and mobile technology to improve the doctor-patient relationship. Vijay holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester.

Rajendra Prasad


Rajendra Prasad (RP) is a senior managing director and the global automation lead at Accenture. He heads a team that has helped organizations across the globe successfully implement and scale their intelligent automation transformations. He has spent over two decades innovating and defining frameworks for driving efficiency and managing change in software engineering. Prasad holds multiple patents and built Accenture myWizard®, an AI-powered intelligent automation platform. He is also co-author of the 2021 book “The Automation Advantage” published by McGraw Hill.

Bharti Rai


Bharti is an accomplished and versatile leader with 25 years of experience in Healthcare and Big 4 Management Consulting.  She has been at the forefront of strategy, business and digital transformations to champion data-driven decision making and customer centricity with a dynamic and collaborative leadership style.

In Novartis since 2018, as VP of Commercial Operations, Insights, Data and Analytics, Bharti led the vision and creation of the US function from ground up for competitive advantage. 

Prior to Novartis, she held roles at Bayer Healthcare across Internal Consulting, Process Re-Engineering, Digital Health, CRM, and Chief Data Officer. She was also at Deloitte Consulting Public Sector practice, leading multi-million-dollar initiatives.

She is recognized as an industry thought leader and is the recipient of numerous industry awards including Life Sciences Top Voice and Top 100 Data & Analytics innovators.

Neerav Vyas


Neerav has spent over 15 years focusing on innovation and growth strategies, and on the executive leadership teams of a fortune 500 company and at a venture backed start-up. He’s worked to launch/re-launch 87 new brands and products and established 14 global analytics centers of excellence for Fortune 500 firms across 11 different industries.  His focus is in facilitating large scale Digital Transformations and leveraging Big-Data and Machine learning to innovate products, processes, services, and experiences.  He’s a two-time recipient of the Ogilvy Award for Advertising Research. In 2019 and 2020, Neerav was a finalist for the AiConics Award in AI Innovation for Sales and Marketing for his work at Realogy and at HOMER/Begin Holdings.  At Amazon Web Services and Amazon advertising he served as an AI Innovation Advisory Principal, leading AI for Marketing and Advertising.  At Capgemini he leads the Customer First Practice for the Insights and Data Group which specializes in all aspects of Marketing, Advertising, and Customer Experience Transformation using Data & AI.

Ben Williams

Exyn Technologies

Ben is an award-winning entrepreneur and technologist, and is the Chief Operating Officer of Exyn Technologies, an autonomous robotics company pioneering GPS-denied and infrastructureless autonomy in multi-modal robots. He previously co-founded and served as COO/CTO of Reelio, Inc, a venture-funded marketing automation platform acquired by Fullscreen Media, formerly a division of AT&T. Ben attended University of Pennsylvania for Computer Science & Engineering. A four-year track & field athlete and NROTC member, Ben also founded and ran two profitable startups while at Penn, until receiving his US Navy commission upon graduation.


He served as a Naval officer for nearly six years, including two combat tours. His experience includes leading armed boarding teams in the Persian Gulf and managing the communications division on a missile cruiser. Later, he earned his certification in Nuclear Engineering from the Navy Nuclear Power School and ran a nuclear reactor division aboard USS Harry Truman (CVN-75).  Following his Naval service, Ben worked for Lockheed Martin where he helped found the New Ventures division, pursuing non-traditional, cutting-edge projects in energy, materials science, and technology. He graduated with his MBA in May of 2013, and was later selected for Wharton Magazine’s 40 Under 40 in 2017.



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Phorum Showcase

The Phorum Showcase provides a space for cutting-edge technology companies to meet and demo their product. This year’s Showcase includes:


Sushma Akunuru
VP, Business Applications Development
Independence Blue Cross

Allen Born
Fairmount Partners

Srinath Chigullapalli
Senior Program Manager

Tony Cleveland
Senior Director, Strategic Technology Advancement
Bentley Systems

Peter Coffee
VP, Strategic Research

Jim Dever
Market President
Bank of America

Sean Dowling
Osage Venture Partners

John Gallagher
Enterprise Sales Manager
Comcast Business

Janet Harrison
Corporate IT Director

Kevin Jurrens
Director of Operations

Terrence Kerwin
Fox Rothschild LLP

Vijay Kumar
University of Pennsylvania

Nate Lentz
Managing Partner
Osage Venture Partners

Suzanne Lentz

Dean E. Miller
Managing Director, PCOM Primary Care Innovation Fund
President & CEO, PACT

Michael O’Donnell
Sr. Marketing Specialist

Debbie O’Brien
Market Executive
Bank of America

Travis Pierce
Co-Founder – Product & Venture Investments

Chris Port

Aimee Senour
Business Development Director

Sanjay Sharma
SEI Investments

Scott Snyder, PhD
Chief Digital Officer, EVERSANA
Senior Fellow, The Wharton School

Russ Starke
Think Company

Dianne Strunk
Vice President

Chris Wilhelm
VP, Business Consulting – North America

Demo World

The Phorum Demo World will feature the region’s hottest early-stage companies that are providing cutting-edge innovation that goes Beyond Automation. Demo World was created to allow startups to connect with C-level enterprise decision makers attending Phorum. In addition to showcasing their technology in the Pit, each Demo World participant will present their company to a panel of judges and the Phorum audience. One will be names “Best in Show” and will receive the 11th annual Phorum Phorward Award. Since our inaugural event, past participants have gone on to raise more than $350M in capital, with three of the ten successfully completing exits to strategic acquirers.


Agora World, Philadelphia, PA

Arke Aeronautics, King of Prussia, PA

Cliquify, Bethesda, MD

Dina, Chicago, IL

EmpathED, New Hope, PA

FLX Solutions, Bethlehem, PA

InnoVision Medical Technologies, Baltimore, MD

Journal My Health, Philadelphia, PA

Nerdwise, Philadelphia, PA

NuMantra Technologies Inc., East Norriton, PA

United Effects, Philadelphia, PA

Past Winners

  • 2021 — Sweft

  • 2020 — boodleAI

  • 2019 — Crossbeam

  • 2018 — Slyce

  • 2017 — 51 Maps

  • 2016 — RedOwl

  • 2015 — Tesorio

  • 2014 — SocialLadder

  • 2013 — PeopleLinx

  • 2012 — Cloudamize