Join fellow enterprise tech executives, emerging companies, and investors for our upcoming in-person Phorum conference. Coming in the Spring of 2022. More info to come.



Phorum 2021 will provide real-world examples of how digital enterprises are accelerating through a global pandemic into a more connected world. Over four one-hour “episodes” targeted to CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and other business leaders, Phorum will explore four journeys into data:

Day 1 (April 13): Data as the New Responsibility
Day 2 (April 15):The Consumer as Data Producer and Owner
Day 3 (April 20): Data Management
Day 4 (April 22): Unlocking the Value and Activating the Energy of Data

PLUS: The Phorum Demo Pit, featuring our judges’ selection of early-stage companies providing the cutting-edge innovation that enables digital disruption.

Event Pricing

PACT Member $499
Non-Member $600
Investors FREE for QUALIFIED Investors
Entrepreneur Program $100
Gala Reception $299

Registrations will only be accepted by website, post-mail, or email via cjarvisj@philadelphiapact.com. No registration will be taken over the phone, and full payment must accompany registration.

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Networking, Lion’s Den, Receptions. And more. Click the gallery below to see what you’ve been missing and find out what you can expect to see at this year’s Capital Conference.

Phorum 2019 Conference


Dr. Haroon Abbu

Bell and Howell

Dr. Haroon Abbu is Vice President of Digital, Data and Analytics at Bell and Howell. Haroon is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of industry experience in leading technology-enabled business transformation using digital technologies and advanced data analytics. He is currently leading a team of data scientists and solution architects to build the next-generation analytics products and service capabilities powered by IoT, machine learning, and advanced analytics to drive service efficiencies and data monetization.

Sushma Akunuru

Independence Blue Cross

Sushma is the VP, Business Applications Development reporting to the CIO of Independence Blue Cross. She is responsible for leading all elements of application development, maintenance, and engineering for Independence Blue Cross and its subsidiaries. She is an enthusiastic technologist and problem solver, collaborating with business areas across the company on how to best leverage digital capabilities and emerging technologies.

Peter Coffee


Coffee has been with the company for 14 years. His global work supports Salesforce efforts in CIO strategies, security practices, and delivery of connected product and “big data” solutions through collaboration with account teams in many industries. Prior to joining Salesforce, Peter spent eighteen years as a technology analyst, columnist, and editor for IT publications including eWEEK and PC Week, while also contributing to other journals including Computer Language and AI Expert.

Suzanne DiCicco, IGP


Suzanne DiCicco, IGP is the Director of Information Governance at SEI Investments, a fintech firm in Oaks, PA. In her current role, Suzanne is responsible for the Information Governance (IG) program, as part of the Enterprise Risk Management program, which includes creating policies for protecting, valuing, classifying, storing and archiving/purging all information assets across the enterprise.


Daily Schedule:

10:00 AM: Networking Lounge

10:30 AM: Conference Broadcast

11:30 AM: Networking Lounge

Highlights of the Phorum Online Event Experience:

  • An interactive conference platform featuring live streaming, on-demand content, personalized attendee profiles, one-to-one meeting scheduling, and more.
  • A virtual networking lounge open 30-minutes before and after each session, powered by Remo, where you can connect face-to-face with fellow attendees and our Demo Pit companies.
  • Access to a content library featuring previous Phorum “episodes,” including Phoum 2020 content.
  • An invitation-only CIO roundtable.
  • Curated investor and corporate customer meetings with our Demo Pit companies.

Day 1: Data as the New Responsibility (The Warnings Before the Spells)

Customers, clients, patients, students, citizens and other served communities want you to deliver an experience that only their data can enable, but they are growing in their understanding and their concern about what they’re trusting you to know – and regulators are increasingly intent on defining and enforcing your obligations. Look to our speakers and our demo pit participants for insight and assistance in rising to meet new expectations and mandates.

  • Suzanne DiCicco, IGP, SEI
  • Mark McCreary, Fox Rothschild
  • Nick Sanna, RiskLens
  • Peter Coffee, Salesforce – Moderator


Day 2: The Consumer as Data Producer and Owner (Flipping the Paradigm)

In the last decade, we have seen the meteoric rise in market power and value of tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, and Tencent, built on the back of data and analytics coming from their massive base of users. As individuals and governments have awoken to the significant market advantages and economic rent extracted from this data, there has been a steady shift in the paradigm of data control and ownership. Along with shift, new business models are emerging that enable consumers to take control of their own data, who it is shared with, and how to even monetize it, creating a new dynamic for the data economy. This panel will tackle this paradigm shift for data business models from both the large enterprise and user-centric viewpoints.

  • Deborah Hsieh, Ciox Health
  • Bruce Pon, Ocean Protocol
  • Julian Ranger, digi.me
  • Dr. Anna Zeiter, eBay
  • Scott Snyder, Breakthru Advisors – Moderator

Day 3: Data Management (Not the Fun Part – Deal With It)

The volume, the velocity, and the richness of data grow simultaneously in ways that tax the limits of legacy infrastructures and data models. Whether it’s new 5G-aligned architectures, extended integration and interoperation with cloud resources or evolving ecosystems of data sharing and process improvement—including those based on distributed-ledger platforms—our speakers and demo contenders will reveal and illuminate these (and other) futures that are now.

  • Kevin Bair, Snowflake
  • Sushma Akunuru, Independence Blue Cross
  • Mark Porter, MongoDB
  • Joe Vidal, HPE – Moderator


Day 4: Unlocking the Value and Activating the Energy of Data (There’s Gold In Those Hills)

It’s too easy to let Moore’s Law lead to bigger, faster, stronger silos of data, which only empower the kind of shallow and fragmented relationships that no longer preserve customer loyalty or achieve profitability. Value-adding engagement demands judicious use of AI-derived tools that find patterns, and make useful predictions and recommendations, while non-technical stakeholders are also being enabled to participate more directly in analyzing data and in designing and automating the experience. Our speakers and our aspiring demo’ers will share both present reality and imminent opportunity.

  • Haroon Abbu, Bell and Howell
  • Ashish Shah, Dina
  • Tom Wilde, Indico
  • Brian Atkiss, Anexinet – Moderator


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Demo Pit

The Phorum Demo Pit features the region’s hottest early-stage companies that are providing cutting-edge innovation that enables Digital Disruption. The Demo Pit was created to allow startups to connect with C-level enterprise decision makers attending the Phorum conference. In addition to showcasing their technologies, each Demo Pit participant will present to a panel of judges and the Phorum audience. One will be named “Best in Show” and will receive the 8th annual Phorum Phorward Award. Since our inaugural event, past Phorum Phorward Award winners have gone on to raise more than $50M in capital, with three of the seven successfully completing exits to strategic acquirers.

Early Stage Selections

AnaOno llc
Cassian Solutions
DriQ Health
FLX Solutions
My Virtual Vet
Neuralert Technologies, LLC
Pippy Sips
Tandem Repeat
Vital Start

Healthcare Selections

Avisi Technologies
CDI Labs
Keriton Inc
LifeCuff Technologies
Neura Health
Pera Labs
Quantitative Radiology Solutions, LLC
RTM Vital Signs LLC
SOLUtion Medical
Virion Therapeutics

Technology Selections

High QA
RackWare Inc
Space Eyes
Trust Exchange
Vig it

Demo Pit Application

Out of over 150 submissions, around 45-50 Entrepreneurial Companies are chosen to pitch their innovations live in front of investors, professional advisors and key decision makers at the Capital Conference. During pitching hours, featured companies receive direct feedback with hopes to take home funding, gain experience and make lasting business connections. Then, select companies are chosen to enter the Lion’s Den for a shot at on-site commitments from highly successful entrepreneurs turned investors. Over the past 6 years companies have raised $5m in the aggregate of funding.


  • Top emerging companies from the Technology, Healthcare, and Early Stage sectors
  • 12-14 companies per industry to present in the months to come
  • All stages of development

We accept company slide decks and an optional 5 minute demo video for the selection committee to review. To be considered for a presentation slot, companies should include FULL CONTACT INFORMATION. 

Application Criteria

  • Decks should be limited to 15 slides (including the cover)
  • The following information shall be included/addressed in the Investor Deck:
    • Summary Financial Data: 5 YR Summary Income Statement: (Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margin and EBITDA) for the 2 most completed years, the current year and the next 2 years.  For example, a calendar year company would present 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2022.  If the company had no operations in 2018 or 2019 put N/A in applicable year(s).
      • Please list application information in this format:
        2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

        • Rev
        • CGS
        • GM
        • EBITDA
        • (Numbers in ‘000’s)
    • Capital Raised to Date.  Investors – If capital has been raised by institutional investors please note by who.  If raised by angle investors or HNW individual you may just note as Angles or HNW (unless you wish to disclose)
    • Amount of Financing Sought and use of funds
      • Please list the firms with which the company has key professional relationships, specifically (if applicable): Accounting, Legal and Commercial Bank
      • Current Headcount
      • Location
      • Contact information for the CEO and, if applicable, senior financial member of the team (Controller, VP of Finance, CFO)
  • The Investor Deck should address the following:
    • Vision/Elevator Pitch
    • The problem/pain point the offer addresses
    • Market Opportunity
    • Your Solution: Product/Service description
    • Please include stage (prototype, beta, live in 10 client sites, etc.)
    • Revenue Model and Pricing
    • Marketing Plan
    • Team
    • Financial Projections (see additional details above)
    • Competitive Landscape