MOBILion Systems Inc. Announces $60 Million Series C Financing Round Led by D1 Capital Partners to Expand Commercial Activities and Accelerate Product Development

CHADDS FORD, Pa., July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MOBILion Systems Inc., a pioneer in fast, efficient, high-resolution instrumentation for biomarker discovery, diagnostics and biotherapeutic drug characterization, today announced the close of a $60 million Series C financing round. The round was led by D1 Capital Partners with the remaining funds contributed by existing investors aMoon, Agilent Technologies (NYSE:A), IP Group, Hostplus and Cultivation Capital.

The funding comes on the heels of the recent launch of MOBILion’s first commercial High-Resolution Ion Mobility (HRIM) product, MOBIE®, which, as demonstrated in recent peer reviewed publications, addresses characterization challenges faced during biopharmaceutical drug development and quality monitoring. MOBIE® provides faster, easier and more complete analysis of multiple critical quality assays to accelerate biotherapeutic drug development and significantly enhance protein characterization capabilities that affect product quality, safety and efficacy. Proceeds will be used to scale the commercialization of MOBIE® to deliver improved biologic therapeutic characterization to the broader biopharma industry and advance product development for expansion into bioprocessing and multiomic biomarker discovery markets.

“We believe MOBILion is uniquely positioned to deliver rich biological insights to the biopharma industry,” said Alex Wagner, Analyst at D1 Capital Partners. “We are impressed by the team’s vision for the broad application of its platform technology and look forward to supporting the company as it continues to develop and commercialize novel ion mobility products.”

“We are thrilled to add the support of D1 Capital Partners to expand our commercial reach and accelerate activities to bring MOBIE® and High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry based workflows into emerging markets such as cell and gene therapy and discovery-omics,” says CEO Dr. Melissa Sherman. “We are excited by the validation of MOBIE’s capabilities to streamline protein characterization workflows. However, we are only scratching the surface of opportunity as we are commercializing a platform technology that provides unprecedented simplicity, speed and resolution to separate and identify even the most challenging clinically significant molecules that other instruments fail to detect. Working with a premier investor like D1 positions us well to drive continued progress in biopharma and advance growth initiatives to provide deeper insights with the reliability, speed and efficiency our customers seek.”


About MOBILion Systems, Inc.

MOBILion Systems Inc. is delivering unprecedented high-resolution, high-throughput analysis for the pharmaceutical industry and clinical researchers to enable earlier disease detection, improve diagnostic accuracy and to accelerate drug development with deeper, faster characterization of more complex biologic therapeutics. MOBILion is advancing separation science with the commercialization of High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (HRIMMS) products based on the SLIM (Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation) platform technology, revealing what others leave unseen to better predict, diagnose and treat disease. MOBILion’s products provide greater instrument uptime, simplicity for broader use, and achieve currently difficult or impossible separations, streamlining characterization workflows with the speed, depth and efficiency our customers require to bring safer, more efficacious drugs to market faster and to make novel biomarker discoveries to diagnose diseases earlier. The company is headquartered in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvaniawithin the Philadelphia biopharmaceutical and medical innovation corridor. Connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter, visit or contact

About D1 Capital Partners

D1 Capital Partners is a global investment firm that operates across public and private markets. The firm combines the talent and operational excellence of a large, premier asset management firm with the flexible mandate and long-term time horizon of a family office. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Sundheim, D1 focuses on investing in the global internet, technology, telecom, media, consumer, healthcare, financial, industrial, and real estate sectors.

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