Connect with MentorConnect Companies

A Man’s Cave
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: A mobile spa for men

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: AEFIS is the complete solution for assessment and continuous improvement on your campus.

Agora World Inc.
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Agora is transforming the way we experience the internet by developing the real-time social layer that can power any & all online immersive experiences. Our customization tools make building 3D social experiences as easy as creating a Facebook profile.

Alternate Devices
Industry/Sector: Health

Ana Ono
Industry/Sector: Apparel
Description: AnaOno to find innovative, soft post-surgery bras made just for those affected by breast cancer, breast surgeries or discomfort.

Aquaduct Fluidics
Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: A solution provider for benchtop laboratory automation

Aries Medical Textiles
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Aries Medical is developing a range of antimicrobial textile products. Starting with clothing for healthcare workers, we aim to become the premier provider of bacteria-resistant fabrics to prevent infection.

Arke Aeronautics
Industry/Sector: Transportation IT
Description: Situational Intelligence Platform for First Responders

Industry/Sector: Health
Description: Private biopharmaceutical company pioneering the discovery & development of proprietary molecules targeting DNA Damage and Response (DDR) pathways to treat a broad range of cancers associated with deregulated DNA Damage Response.

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Grativerse is a social application that is based entirely in gratitude

Avisi Technologies
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Avisi technologies is a pre-clinical stage company developing a nanotechnology-enabled defense against blindness from glaucoma.
Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: Buy and sell ads directly. Our CPM-driven auction model helps buyers and sellers maximize value by meeting supply and demand with transparency.

Industry/Sector: Digital Health
Description: BINTO is a women-focused startup whose mission is to help women everywhere get access to safe and effective over-the-counter products, alongside access to licensed healthcare professionals all at an attainable price-point.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: TrekIT is a health technology systems company that provides real-time patient data system intended to offer better understanding of patients’ clinical status.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology IT
Description: Cesium is the open platform for software applications designed to unleash the power of 3D data.

Industry/Sector: Biotechnology Health
Description: Chromatan solves a significant bottleneck in manufacturing of life-saving therapies. Their patented CCTC platform is able to save bio-manufacturers up 65% and enables flexible quick-to-launch facilities that can help manufacture therapies faster.

Chronic Care Advocates
Industry/Sector: Healthcare
Description: We engage, educate, and empower family caregivers and those they care for. We are creating a healthcare experience that is centered around an engaged consumer, efficient and empathetic delivery system powered by an innovative platform.

Corventive Health Technologies
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Provider of technology-based solutions that are focused on preventing heart attacks and coordinating cardiac care to reduce costs while driving better patient care.

Counter Measure Security
Industry/Sector: IT Cyber Security
Description: Specialized Cyber Risk Management & Integrations expertise and consulting services for partners and clients.

Curative Sciences
Industry/Sector: Life Sciences
Description: Therapy for Oral Mucosistis Disease

Industry/Sector: Engineering
Description: Resilient Small House designs for the modern home owner

DreamVu Inc.
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: DreamVu is a pioneer and the leader in omnidirectional 3D vision systems. We leverage patented optics with visual imaging software to create omnidirectional 3D vision systems to solve some of the most challenging problems in vision.

Eigen X
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Delivers innovative solutions to challenges in enterprise systems, data management, and emerging technologies.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: A data-driven collective impact dashboard, stakeholders can collectively work together to network, set goals and key-performance indicators, analyze progress, and measure the impact and investments that are being made.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: EmpathEd is an online professional development platform providing accessible interactive training on learning disabilities and other health impairments.

Employee Cycle
Industry/Sector: Human Resources IT
Description: Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data, beginning with transforming disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR dashboard.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Innovators of digital health solutions to help people live heathier lives with information and engagement. Our product is a multi-functional integrated platform that provides digital, social and human experiences through integrated wellness services.

Epacca, Inc.
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: SaaS Business Insight software based on AI and Natural Language Understanding

EtherMed AI
Industry/Sector: Healthcare
Description: EtherMed AI is a digital medical assistant that uses voice recognition, NLP, and machine learning technologies to pre-fill EMR updates.

Industry/Sector: Biotechnology Health
Description: ExpressCells delivers customized stable cells with specific reporter genes using CRISPR/cas9 technology.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Developing a novel point of care diagnostic platform for the rapid assessment of bleeding & clotting risk in emergency critical care settings

FLX Solutions
Industry/Sector: Engineering
Description: The smallest, most customizable, most affordable snake-like robot in the world.

Industry/Sector: Entertainment IT
Description: GamePlan streamlines the group booking process by connecting the guest and venue through technology

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Growic is a Customized Learning and Growth Platform.

Guiding Technologies
Industry/Sector: Digital Health
Description: Guiding Technologies, a Philadelphia-based start-up, harnesses the expertise of Temple behavior and computer scientists to solve key problems in the delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for individuals with autism and other behavioral challenges.

Guru Education Technology
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: The only video platform designed to give kids a fun and engaging way to learn cool new stuff, in a place parents can really trust.

Industry/Sector: Food & Beverage IT
Description: Habitat is a Philadelphia-based company that helps restaurants by providing them a single delivery fleet for all of their orders. Habitat does this through aggregating orders from various ordering sources.

Hava Health
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Hava Health, Inc. (Hava) is a digital drug therapy company with a mission to improve clinical outcomes for patients battling nicotine addiction.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: Social, emotional, and leadership skills for kids, developed at home or in the classroom

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: HootBoard is a Self-serve Bulletin Board Kiosk Information System to engage your employee, visitors or students via touch screens.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare
Description: We are rapidly translating the most cutting-edge discoveries from academic tumor immunology into drugs optimized for treating the majority of patients who have “cold” cancers refractory to currently available immunotherapy.

InkOut Tattoo Removal
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Laser Tattoo Removal company

Innovision Medical
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: The IMT solution allows hospitals and other medical care providers to seamlessly integrate the medical devices they use with IT systems, patient records and other medical devices.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Instadiagnostics Inc. (IDI) is a medical device company that is developing a rapid, quantitative, point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform with the aim of bringing centralized laboratory testing to the patient?s bedside.

IO Biosciences
Industry/Sector: Health
Description: Developing allogeneic, gene modified cell therapies treating cancers. They have a proprietary gene editing system and cell source, creating a unique opportunity to develop and manufacture of-the-shelf gene modified cell therapies.

IQ Motion Control
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: IQ makes smarter electric motors using its unique hardware design and advanced calibration and control software.

Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Kapsul is a private, household appliances company that develops appliances which include a range of products across cooling, heating and air treatment that can be connected to web services and are compatible with smart home platforms.

Industry/Sector: Not For Profit IT
Description: Individuals experiencing homelessness (we call them clients) create a account at participating nonprofits.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Keriton is an Information Technology company which has developed a breast-milk management and analytics software created for neonatal intensive care units (ICUs).

Industry/Sector: Healthcare IT
Description: Kith + Kin is a collaborative health app for families, friends, and anyone in your circle.

LIA Diagnostics
Industry/Sector: Health
Description: Lia Diagnostics is developing a new pregnancy test for women who value privacy and sustainability. Through the use of innovative materials and unique manufacturing techniques, Lia has created a flushable, biodegradable test that costs less to produce.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare IT
Description: Lithero is an automation software company that provides AI solutions intended to make content management easy for life science by managing marketing compliance.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology IT
Description: LLUNA is a B2B platform that enables companies to design, manage, and analyze personalized employment arrangements.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: LOCOMeX is a unique AI-powered collaborative project economy and supply chain procurement platform for improving sustainability & diversity with environmental, social & governance (ESG) strategies and data-driven solutions?.

Industry/Sector: PS
Description: LocoRobo seeks to provide actionable data to enterprise customers through autonomous done enabled missions

LodeStar Software Solutions
Industry/Sector: Information Technology IT
Description: LodeStar’s software provides connectivity to all other title, settlement, LOS, document prep, compliance, and document management systems.

Luve Foods
Industry/Sector: Food & Beverage
Description: Healthy & environmentally awesome food, without sacrificing taste. Completely vegan.

Luxe Beauty Bar & Spa
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Providing industry-leading peels, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology.

Mel’s Butter Blends
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Mel’s Butter Blends are mixes of natural butters and oils that are whipped into rich, lightweight blends that hydrate and strengthen hair.

Mission Athletics
Industry/Sector: Information Technology IT
Description: Revolutionizing sports training for athletes and coaches! Mission Athletics is a mobile app that uses A.I as an athlete’s assistant

Industry/Sector: Transportation IT
Description: MyDealerOnline is an innovative technology that instantly places auction inventory on dealers? websites for consumer shopping

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Narbis helps people learn how to focus their attention. Based on NASA technology, their product takes the power of neurofeedback into people’s homes and out of the clinic by making it affordable and easy to use.

Nerdit Now
Industry/Sector: Information Technology IT

Neuralert Technologies
Industry/Sector: Digital Health
Description: Medical device using non-invasive wearable bands which constantly monitor for stroke symptoms and alert staff in less time saving lives and improving outcomes

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: NeuroFlow’s suite of tools enables remote monitoring and behavioral health integration across the continuum of care, including psychology, primary care, and pain management settings.

Nth Round
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Nth Round is a technology company that builds modern power tools for private company CFO’s. Businesses of every size from new startups to established funds?use our software to manage their equity and delight their investors.

NuMantra Technologies
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Numantra aspires to be the cost leader in providing strategic IT capabilities to provide substantial business impact

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: NuMoola is a consumer banking app that focuses on financial inclusion by helping young families of all socioeconomic backgrounds understand how the financial decisions they make impact their bottom line.

On Pace Plus
Industry/Sector: Health
Description: OnPacePlus offers a powerful electronic journaling feature that allows users to easily keep track of their health on a daily basis and select who sees it.

Oncora Medical
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Oncora Medical is developing an analytics platform that helps radiation oncologists to use data to provide care for cancer patients.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: OnTrac provides pre-built SMART Goal templates, called SMARTracs. Each SMARTrac is for an “Aspiration” which are qualitative in nature (Ex. Improve my financial health, Eat healthier, etc.)

Industry/Sector: Healthcare
Description: Orthoforge is the leading innovator of Quantified Ultrasonic Healing analysis. The quantified ultrasonic signal improves healthcare professionals’ analysis of healing. Improved healing analysis leads to improved outcomes.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Developing a more effective compression therapy device that can better prevent Venous thromboembolism (VTE) in patients and reduce the use of expensive and risky anti-coagulation pharmaceuticals.

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Locker and technology (scanning, software) solution for receiving packages in MDUs. They use commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

Pera Labs
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Developing smart solutions for animal and human reproductive health. They use lab-on-a-chip technology and AI to increase the treatment success rates and provide animal breeders and farmers efficient sperm-sex selection methods at an affordable price.

Industry/Sector: Health
Description: Pression is a medical device company improving blood flow volume body-wide using smart compression with an initial focus on heart disease patients.

Industry/Sector: Banking IT
Description: QuantaVerse uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect fraud based on banking big data.

Quantitative Radiology Solutions
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Quantitative Radiology Solutions (QRS) provides body-wide analysis of medical images to personalize cancer treatment decisions.

repisodic, Inc
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: repisodic enables hospitals and their patients to find high-quality, personalized post-acute care by offering the most comprehensive picture of these providers.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: restor3d (FKA Kinos) is a medical supplies company that provides implant design with fully integrated software intended to provide holistic orthopedic solutions.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: RistCall helps hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to improve patient safety and satisfaction scores by updating traditional wall mounted nurse call buttons with wearable technology devices. RistCall currently focuses on reducing patient falls.

ROAR For Good
Industry/Sector: Other IT
Description: We believe no one should be afraid while trying to earn a wage and we protect vulnerable workers with indoor location tracking panic button technology to expedite response times and reduce the severity of an incident.

Sand Tiger Health
Industry/Sector: Health

Simply Good Jars
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Simply Good Jars (SGJ), is a Certified B Corp, and Philadelphia based company that provides locally sourced, healthy, ready to go meals in plastic jars stocked in RFID equipped smart vending fridges across the Philly area.

Sledge Scarves
Industry/Sector: Apparel PS
Description: Reduce Frizz, Retain Moisture, & Keep Your Hair Looking Fresh Like The Second You Left The Salon. Stays On, Works With Long & Short Hair.

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Remote guidance for field technicians

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: An Insurance Claim Payment Processor Your claimants don’t have to wait 30 business days for claim payouts anymore.

SOLUtion Medical
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Developing more patient-friendly drug delivery systems for reconstitutable drugs. They specifically aim to improve the administration efficacy of life-saving injectable medication with TwistJect auto-injector for people living with adrenal insufficiency

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: StaffGeek uncovers your organization’s core Culture DNA so you can hire, manage and perform better.

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Stimulus relationship intelligence platform (SRIP) uses data and analytics to help companies make better purchasing decisions. Our platform provides rich, relevant insights and real-time data analysis, enabling buyers to find suppliers at the right time.

Strados Labs
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Strados Labs is an early-stage healthcare technology company developing smart, wearable, respiratory monitoring devices.

Talex Medical
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: InfantEar (by TalexMedical), is a non-surgical ear molding device for the correction of newborn ear deformities; replacing the need for costly, labor-intensive, surgical ear procedures, or if left untreated, affecting the psychological health of children.

Tandem Repeat Technologies
Industry/Sector: Manufacturing PS
Description: Company developed a revolutionary technology combining biofermentation and solid-state synthesis for the production of biosynthetic textiles and leathers in large quantities utilizing current economical processes.

Tern Water
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Tern’s Smart Meter was built to allow users access to their water data, and the information to proactively reduce water costs.

The Greater Knead
Industry/Sector: Food & Beverage PS
Description: We are committed to helping those with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance and food allergies connect with their favorite foods again. We offer the first authentic, New York-style bagel that is gluten-free and free from the top 8 common food allergens.

Therapeutic Articulations
Industry/Sector: Health
Description: Developing solutions to quantify joint mobility for educational, clinical, and operative use. Their device permits the clinician to interface the device between the patient’s skin and the clinician’s hands to obtain quantitative feedback of multiple joints.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: We are a digital talent marketplace and community for underrepresented tech & startup enthusiasts.

Triple Bristle
Industry/Sector: Healthcare
Description: Our focus is caring for your oral health. Our goal is to play a positive role in your daily routine to improve not only your teeth and gums, but most of all your SMILE.

Unique Automation
Industry/Sector: PS
Description: Unique Automation is thoroughbred R&D company focused on water control technology, waterproof interfaces and integration of plumbing devices into sophisticate building management systems using modern communication methods.

Industry/Sector: Information Technology
Description: We help companies take AI out of the lab and into production.

Vellum Biosciences
Industry/Sector: Biotechnology
Description: Vellum is developing proprietary imaging technologies to reveal critical biokinetic insights needed to successfully develop Cell & Gene Therapy based drugs living drugs.

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: Performs collection and processing of adverse drug events of pharma products, biologics, nutraceuticals and medical devices originating in the context of medical care and during clinical trials. The ultimate aim is to decrease liabilities.

Industry/Sector: Real Estate IT
Description: VeryApt is an information services company that provides an on-demand concierge rental platform intended to find apartments easily

Industry/Sector: Healthcare Health
Description: Vesteck has a catheter-based suture delivery system that sutures endovascular grafts to repair aortic aneurysms right to the aorta. We do this through two small holes in the groin versus dangerous, complex, painful open surgery.

Viora Health
Industry/Sector: Healthcare
Description: Philadelphia-based company that uses technology to improve patient access to care and experience for programs that reduce disease progression in order to improve outcomes and reduce episodic costs.

Vital Start Health
Industry/Sector: Healthcare Digital Health
Description: The company initially started with developing a digital platform for Neonatal Abstinence Syndome (NAS) and pivoted to digital therapeutic for postpartum depression.

Industry/Sector: IT
Description: Redefine your remote work lifestyle

Whose Your Landlord
Industry/Sector: Real Estate IT
Description: Whose Your Landlord is an information services company that provides an online landlord rating and reviewing platform designed to improve quality of the rental experience.

Woop Group, Inc.
Industry/Sector: IT
Description: The Plug-In insurance solution.

Industry/Sector: Health
Description: X-Biomedical is a startup spun out of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Poised to disrupt a $2B surgical microscope market, X-Biomedical aims to democratize surgical microscopy with its patented technology.

Industry/Sector: Health
Description: HandOff is a record-keeping tool to reduce hospital readmission among the elderly due to lack of reliable daily care and health status tracking.

Industry/Sector: Education IT
Description: Yellowdig is an educational software company that provides a social learning platform designed too promote peer learning and improve learning outcomes for students.