Introducing our “What’s in the PACT Pipeline” Video series

We’ve all seen the statistic that less than 2% of venture capital goes to Black and Latinx founders. One of the things critical to changing that – in addition to the money – is the visibility and brand awareness that could help take a startup to the next level.
We are proud to introduce ‘What’s in the PACT Pipeline’, featuring local tech expert, social media influencer, journalist and PACT board member Stephanie Humphrey. ‘What’s in the PACT Pipeline’ will showcase those businesses run by underrepresented founders to a broader audience of potential customers and investors, and hopefully help propel those companies to new stages of growth, development, and success. Each episode will feature an underrepresented founder in discussion with Stephanie about their past, their present and most importantly their future pipeline.
Episode 1 features local entrepreneur Sulaiman Rahman, Founder and CEO of DiverseForce