5 Tips for Post Capital Conference Follow Up

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Morgan Breon, EisnerAmper

As another successful PACT Capital Conference comes to a close, we wanted to share some tips for how to make the most out of the time you spent at the event. You no doubt met some great contacts at the conference, and it would be a shame if you let those meetings go to waste.

By following these five tips, we hope that you will leave the conference with some great next steps and lasting business connections.

#1. Connect with those you’ve met at the conference on LinkedIn. Whether it’s during your interaction with them, or after you’ve left the event, be sure to find and connect on LinkedIn with the individuals who you met. This will ensure that you stay top of mind for them, will keep you up to date on their business activities and announcements, and if you did not get a chance to exchange contact information, LinkedIn’s direct messaging feature can help you arrange a time and place to meet up post conference to continue your discussion.

It would also be a good idea to look at the connections you have in common; these individuals may be able to assist you in furthering your connection.

Another way to make further connections from the conference on LinkedIn is to share your insights in a post. Be sure to tag the conference hosts and specific speakers you want to highlight. It will make you part of the online conversation surrounding the conference while increasing your visibility among those that were involved. This is also a great way for your new connections to engage with you and your content.

#2. Send a thank you email.If you exchanged contact details at the conference it is always a best practice to send a thank you – or a “nice to have met you” email – post event. This will help you to stay top of mind. Be sure to personalize your email to include information that you discussed with them. You should also follow tip #1 and connect with them on LinkedIn; however, an email is more personal than a LinkedIn message.

#3. Review Your Leads. It’s been a few days since the conference, and you’ve sent your LinkedIn requests and thank you emails, now it’s time to review any leads you may have gotten at the event. This step will be important as you schedule follow-up meetings because it will help you prioritize who you should meet with first and spend the most time pursuing.

#4. Plan a post-event meeting. For the individuals who you spent a lot of time with at the conference and who are high on your list of pursuits, it might make sense to schedule a time to meet again post-conference. If you didn’t already discuss this with them at the event, reach out within a few days of Cap Con to get on their calendars.

#5. Check out other events that PACT offers. In the weeks following the conference, why not check out the other events and meetings that PACT offers? This could be a great way to reconnect with those you met at the Capital Conference, as well as gain more knowledge in the specific areas you are interested in.

Throughout the year, PACT offers in-person and virtual events and conferences highlighting industry leaders, promoting professional development and thought-sharing, and encouraging networking and connections across the industry. Check out our upcoming events here.

We hope you enjoyed your time at the 2022 PACT Capital Conference and we hope to see you again next year!