Working with Accountants. How to Survive 2017.

Richard Bloss looks at the dark art of number crunching.

You know when you are in trouble,  when your accountant actually calls YOU.  Your accountant has no need to sell his services.  You are already on his books,  so to say. Unless he is that worst breed of “business accountants’  who believes his job is networking and selling you “development” services that you neither need nor have ever asked for – then a call from the lady that does your Books – is going to be bad news.  Accountants don’t call to enquire after your health. It is not in their nature.  Life is either black, or white, or black or red.

And so the conversation goes……”did you see the letter from the Tax people?”

This is bad news cum laude.  It says that, no you haven’t actually seen anything, – otherwise you by now would be the one doing the calling. And b/ no letter from the Tax people is ever one that you would want to receive. The day cannot start any worse than this,  and your only ray of sunshine,  by consequence, is that it can only get better.

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