WHYY reports on lowest VC numbers since 1996

According to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association, the Philly area’s $193.12 million in VC funding after the 2Q is a low that hasn’t been seen since 1996.  To read more on WHYY’s report, click here.

PACT is more optimistic than ever about our mission to bring more venture capital to the region, and we have several initiatives underway to help do so.

PACT is working with the Commonwealth of PA to enact important legislation that will greatly increase funding for early stage companies. PACT, through our signature events like IMPACT 2012 and Phorum, is also expanding our outreach to investors outside of the region trumpeting the exciting up-and-coming Philly based companies that we look to showcase. PACT is also working with the City of Philadelphia to attract more capital and entrepreneurs to the City.

As we finish our second fiscal year as a new organization, PACT would like to thank all of our members who support us and help us strive to succeed with our mission.

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