Venture Café Philadelphia has arrived!

Connecting Innovators to Make Things Happen

November 29 kicked off the start of what will become a weekly gathering organized by the Science Center at its new home at 3675 Market Street. Venture Café Philadelphia will host a Thursday Gathering for innovators, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an idea to connect, engage, and learn. The events are free and open to all with the goal of inspiring everyone who attends.

Venture Café began in 2009 as an experiment by the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) to test a simple hypothesis: if we bring together innovators and entrepreneurs to engage in spontaneous conversations and semi-curated programming, they’ll come up with never-before-imagined innovations to make the world a better place and generate economic growth. And, it’s working. Venture Café is now in seven cities including Philadelphia. Hosted by the Science center and powered by Quorum, Venture Café Philadelphia is focused on connecting, education and community-building.

The power of Venture Café is the simple concept that innovation is for everyone and giving innovators a weekly place to call home, to gather, connect, network and learn benefits everyone. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, student, corporate innovator, angel investor or someone who just has an idea for the next big thing, Venture Café Thursday Gatherings are for you.

Venture Café Philadelphia’s mission is to:

Create lasting connections among our innovation community

Attract a diverse audience of participants and speakers

Foster inspiration and inclusivity

Empower the digital and local innovation ecosystem

The November 29 gathering featured renowned urban theorist Richard Florida, a panel of experts on what’s next for Philadelphia after HQ2, and a performance by the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra. Each week programming will change and focus on areas of interest to the Philadelphia innovation ecosystem.

Thursday Gatherings are held every Thursday (excluding 12/27/18), from 3 – 8 pm at 3675 Market Street.

To learn more or to get involved, visit

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