Tongue Tied: Speaking Candidly About Capital

Shared from the Safeguard Scientifics’ Blog

I cringe when I read a headline that says a startup “pulled in”, “landed” or even “scooped ” new funding. Or better yet, when a venture capital firm is described as having “placed a bet”, “made a bet” or “cut a check” for a startup.

These various accounts of winning money and placing bets are oftentimes used by reporters and news outlets to drive readers to click on their headlines. But they couldn’t be more askew.

This is not just one man’s point of view. Rather it’s constructive criticism shared amongst venture capitalists and other companies similar to ours. Whether I’m browsing The Wall Street Journal Venture Capital Dispatch in the morning or diving into Nick Frost’s curated dispatches in the evening, I’m oftentimes baffled by language used to characterize what we do on a daily basis.

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