Today’s ‘Tech Trends’ to Tomorrow’s Value Innovation

By: Dave Spencer, SVP & Managing Director, East Market Unit, SAP

What were once considered to be tech trends soon to permeate businesses in our future, terms like Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are quickly shifting from ‘trends to watch’ to disruptive forces in the enterprise today.

When it comes to the potential magnitude of their impact, some of the writing is already on the wall. For example, Machine Learning and AI will bring a new level of intelligence to business environments, enabling people to focus on work that adds value, rather than repetitive tasks. Blockchain is poised to become the new protocol for digital assets, exchanges, and identity. And IoT is creating massive amounts of data that can be gleaned for insights to make business processes more connected, efficient and productive.

In today’s innovation race, identifying and acting on technology trends quickly is crucial. However, as technology so often does, these shifts are coming fast and with such complexity that their impacts can be difficult to predict. Many companies don’t know where to even begin, or more importantly how to be sure they won’t waste money on innovation they can’t implement, adapt and scale. Furthermore, innovation far too often occurs in silos and without a core strategy. With this rapid proliferation of new technologies, it’s no surprise that companies may find themselves with a significant disconnect between innovation and business value.

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