This Is How Continuous Testing Supports Digital Transformation

Contributed by Cigniti Technologies.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan

Most of the industry professionals are familiar with these lines. Those who are not, can still relate with them for they are still as timeless as they were at the time of their conception. Despite being written almost two decades ago, the Agile manifesto stands true for every innovation happened since, whether its DevOps or digital disruption.

The current IT ecosystem is replete with processes that limit manual labor through automation. Enterprises are actively trying to digitalize their labor-intensive manual tasks to enhance cost effectiveness and ROI. Digital transformation of an enterprise is tremendously promising in terms of improving speed and efficiency, optimizing workflows, and ultimately delivering a better overall user experience.

Forrester defines Digital Transformation as –

Digital transformation is not just about technology; it is about reimagining your company. It is the necessary but challenging journey of operating digital-first with the speed and nimbleness to change or introduce new products and experiences rapidly, exploit technology to create lean operations, and free people to do more complex tasks that create value.

The three main components of Digital Transformation – cloud, big data, and IoT – are facilitating the shift of core values of businesses and catalysing the Industry 4.0. Digital transformation mandates a customer-centric strategy supported by sophisticated technology solutions. Enterprises that incorporate digital solutions to solve the needs of their customers are winning, while those resisting the movement are perishing.

Any disruption that is not controlled, monitored or governed, can become a disaster. For the digital disruption to truly revolutionize business processes, there is a pressing need to establish measures that will ensure a seamless flow of work. Continuous testing can help organizations succeed in their digital transformation initiatives while staying aligned with the overall business processes.

In the pre-Agile and pre-DevOps era, huge organizational barriers were prevalent, creating thick silos between dev and ops teams. Projects used to go on for months, and sometimes years. The development teams used to spend the most time with the project, leaving very less window for testing and operations teams. The bugs and errors present in the code were found at the last minute and were then sent back to the developers for correction. This often jeopardized the entire schedule, resulting in delayed releases, pushed deadlines, costly budget overheads, and angry customers. The IT team was always on the firefighting mode, struggling to deploy a release without causing the existing systems to go bonkers.

With agile accelerating the SDLCs, DevOps breaking the siloed structure, and automation taking over the manual processes, continuous testing is the only thing that remains to complete the puzzle of digital transformation.

A continuous testing approach supports developers to organize, track and manage their CI/CD pipeline in time. It also enables businesses to achieve scalability by ensuring release of glitch-free products. Quality assurance shifts left with continuous testing, as suggested by the Agile manifesto. By shifting left, the errors and risks are identified early in an SDLC, thus leaving ample time to employ corrective measures. When the risks and vulnerabilities are mitigated in the pre-production stage, the post-production and deployment failure chances can be significantly reduced.

Digital transformation needs organizations to be customer-obsessed. Continuous testing allows them to release high-quality software at a rapid pace with almost negligible flaws. As client satisfaction levels are directly related to a product’s quality, continuous testing is absolutely indispensable for organizations to achieve success and scalability.

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