Therapeutic Articulations Launches Innovative Orthopedic Device

PHILADELPHIA August 19, 2021 – The Chester County start-up, Therapeutic Articulations, was awarded over $1 million by the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) from the National Science Foundation (NSF). These funds were successfully used to develop and recently launch an innovative joint mobility device called the Mobil-Aider.

With over 7.2 million orthopedic injuries each year, the Mobil-Aider is poised to be the gold standard for joint assessment.  “The Mobil-Aider is extremely useful in the assessment of joint injury, monitoring joint laxity, and performing investigational studies,” said Dr. Arthur R Bartolozzi, MD, Director of Sports Medicine, 3B Ortho, Jefferson Health.

To that end, there are currently four published manuscripts to support the validity and reliability of the Mobil-Aider. Three other studies are in process. Researchers, Dr. Gail Tarleton and Dr. Ann Tuzson reported, “The Mobil-Aider provides a cost-effective way to measure the amplitude of joint accessory motion in clinical settings.  Manual therapy techniques must be standardized to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of joint mobilization treatments.  By using the Mobil-Aider, clinicians and researchers can ensure that across practitioners, similar treatments are being performed.”

The Mobil-Aider is an FDA-cleared, patent-pending (Notice of Allowance received) device which has the versatility to be used on multiple joints. With seven color-coded, custom-contoured attachments, it can be used on five joints across more than 14 manual techniques. Real-time data is rapidly displayed on an LED screen.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Dawn Gulick stated, “Orthopedics is about precision. The Mobil-Aider can quantify joint laxity in millimeters to accurately assess an injury.  It is my hope that clinicians will use the Mobil-Aider to enhance the quality of orthopedic care.”

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