The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Next Technical Hire

Boolean Search, GitHub, Stack Overflow, AngelList, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Meetup, Facebook…Are you ready?!

About the author: T. Brad Kielinski is the Founder & CEO of IT Pros, a technology staffing and recruitment company based in Philadelphia that recruits, profiles, and staffs talented hands-on technology professionals for hire

Key Messages

  • This article serves as a guide to find technology professionals. Most of these folks will not be active job seekers, nor will the skills you find in their profiles make them an expert.
  • I want to make finding talented people easier for companies who are hiring. Constantly asking for referrals is one thing. Job postings is another. Hopefully, this article serves as a DIY.
  • Check out Talent Mapping, if you wish to take this to the next level.
  • The war for talent is real. It’s a 24/7 job. Invest in good people.
  • This article is an extension of the popular “Step-by-Step Guide To Finding Philly Tech Talent” that I posted in 2013, but this time with a bit more meat. Enjoy!

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