Phorum Demo Pit

Applications are open for the Phorum 2020 Demo Pit! The deadline to submit an application is February 3, 2020

Participating Companies will be announced early 2020.

2019 Demo Pit Companies. 

Benefix pairs small businesses with a team of friendly and professional insurance brokers to help navigate the complex world of benefits through a totally digital experience. Small businesses owners can now shop all their health insurance options, enroll and manage all their policies online.

Crossbeam is a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships. We act as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners, while keeping the rest of their data private and secure. X Crossbeam connects to your existing CRM system and turns your partner ecosystem into a scalable, measurable growth channel. Common use cases include account mapping, lead qualification, attribution tracking, and more. X The company is co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Bob Moore (RJMetrics, Stitch) and Buck Ryan after years of experiencing the need for Crossbeam firsthand.

Distat Co specializes in training software applications of physical systems including equipment, machine and devices using Augmented Reality technology. Our product reduces training cost and time, improve job performance (productivity, accuracy and safety), and speeds up knowledge transfer at workplace. Using user centered AR interface design, our product superimposes 3D model/animation or overlays instructions/guidance in the real world environment, which makes training and learning more immersive, intuitive and interactive. X Distat provides solutions to address the knowledge gap and training challenges at workplace. Today, the workforce has changed, with older generation retiring and leaving knowledge and experience gaps, and younger generation switching jobs more frequently and needing more on-the-job training. Therefore, organizations are constantly looking for ways to better transfer knowledge and provide efficient training.

InCyber is an Israeli company that is changing the way organizations are dealing with insider threats, enabling companies to catch the malicious and non-malicious users hiding in their organization months in advance. X At InCyber we created the first cyber prediction solution that predicts insider threats by using both internal and external sources of information. It allows us to tell companies who are the users in its system that have a bright red light above their heads, who are at the highest risk level. We are the first company that we know of that does prediction of insider threats months in advance. Our software is a standalone product that is not rule or agent based, and we have nearly zero false positives. The software can be installed either on premises or on the cloud. Our operations have been very successful so far on tens of thousands of employees and users screenings. Oh, and the cost of our software is much less expensive than other software in the market.

Marketers are drowning in data. With so much information to process, they’ve become both overwhelmed by decisions and overcome by indecision. The result is too much time wasted deciphering analytics, with no ROI to show for it. MAXG is the world’s first B2B marketing and sales insight and recommendation engine, MAXG (Marketing Advisor for eXponential Growth) turns your data into direction. More than just another analytics dashboard, MAXG uses AI to deliver prioritized recommendations eliminating the guesswork from marketing and driving better and faster results. Now marketing and sales leaders can skip the dashboards and go right to the action plan! #skipthedashboard.

Open Health Network is using blockchain and smart contracts to enable consumers to control and monetize their health information. Powered by artificial intelligence and big data analytics, the company’s platform enables rapid development of mobile health applications and chatbots for patients, healthcare providers, payers and medical researchers.

SmarTECHS unlocks the full potential of frontline teams through a practical, secure, and scalable industrial augmented reality solution. Empower your field technicians to work safer, faster, smarter. X SmarTECHS is built on an IoT platform and is paired with industrial smart glasses to provide hands-free context relevant information. We empower technicians with only the relevant information they need, ensuring the work is done precisely, without any guess-work. Should technicians need support in the field, our Remote Expert solution brings a remote expert on site instantly with video call, screen,and document sharing. X Typical clients see productivity increase by 20%, first time fix rate improvement up to 80%, drastic reduction in errors, and guaranteed compliance and traceability.

Yellowdig is a gameified social learning platform that naturally engages users, builds connections, and organically disseminates information through your entire organization or network.

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