Tech’s arsenal in the fight against cancer

Written by Roberto Torres, Philly 

As humanity embarks on a cancer moonshot, some of the needed solutions might be simpler than you think. An event hosted by PACT explored the frontiers of cancer treatment.

When it comes to cancer, it seems like everyone has a story that hits home.

For Dr. Howard Krein, chief medical officer of StartUp Health, the main element in the narrative was the frustration he felt when even all the resources in the world meant nothing.

See, Krein’s brother-in-law, Beau Biden — son of Vice President Joe Biden — began a drawn-out battle against an aggressive type of brain cancer in 2010.

Help was offered from the world’s top physicians, but there was a small problem: There was no quick way to get the result of Beau’s brain scans to those who could help. In an era where an emoji can travel the world in a heartbeat, life-or-death medical reports had to be put in boxes and shipped to where they were needed, due to their complexity.

Out of this frustration, and the sadness of Biden’s tragic 2015 demise, the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative was born, in a bid to provide technology with all the support it needed to stand tough in the face of cancer.

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