Take Advantage: Six Ways LinkedIn Trumps the Paper Resume

Written by Staci Bender Epstein, President/CEO, Be Group

The digital revolution is no longer a revolution. It is a well-established fact, and it is making headway into long-resistant areas such as the resume. While conservative, professional gatekeepers would probably relegate job prospects to the paper resume forever, a new wave of progressive professionals are moving the resume online.

What might you ask is one of the main hotspots? LinkedIn….which is essentially an online resume fueled by the power of social media. You may know that LinkedIn is the #1 Social Business network; it’s also a job board, an updated resume database, lead generation tool and a communication tool. But, take a look below and learn six ways in which LinkedIn can help you in your professional life and how it’s changing how you network with colleagues, prospects, clients, and prospective employers.

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