Technology Executive Roundtable

2301 Renaissance Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Facilitator: George Lenhart, Formerly the Senior Manager – IS Disruptive Solutions and IoT at The Hershey Company

Join George and invited guests for an interactive discussion on Demystifying AI.  Variability is something every manufacturer deals with at some point or another.  Up to this point, there is a limit to the level which you can control it. This is where Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things can revolutionize your shop floor.  By creating a model on your historical data and applying your real-time sensor data, manufacturers can realize millions of dollars in savings while increasing the quality of their products.  The results are unparalleled and will set you apart from the competition. George will focus his discussion on the following areas:

* The case for connected manufacturing and the journey to integrate

* The Journey to Integrate AI for Connected Manufacturing

*  Building and Deploying Your Model
For more information about this event, please contact Kim Tuski 
About the Speaker:

George Lenhart currently leads the Digital Transformation and Solutions group at System One.  His group specializes in evaluating, prototyping, and piloting emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.  Prior to being at System One, Mr. Lenhart blazed the path for IoT connectivity by successfully controlling manufacturing equipment that receives prescriptive direction from Azure’s Machine Learning Studio at The Hershey Company.  Efforts from this initiative have produced a higher quality product through tighter controls leading to a projected savings of five hundred thousand dollars for the Twizzler brand alone.  After proving out the concept, he has moved into opportunities associated with the Hershey Kiss line of products. George has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.