Smart Devices Improve Quality of Life for Older Adults Cellucci Tells Lehigh Valley Aging in Place Meeting

Allentown PA –  Speaking to members of Lehigh Valley Aging in Place about the Internet of Things and its impact on virtually every aspect of health care,  Xverity CEO, Joe Cellucci, described the advantages of available smart devices to be placed in the homes of patients discharged from the hospital, older adults who choose to remain in their homes and people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to monitor their health and send alerts when an intervention by a family member, caregiver or clinician is needed.

Cellucci was the speaker at the group’s April meeting held at Luther Crest Senior Living Community.  More than 30 professionals from health care, home care and home health care providers attended the meeting for an update on how technology is enabling a smooth continuation of care for people transitioning from a clinical setting to a home environment.

At the outset of his presentation, Cellucci referenced his own experience with the health care system. “I’m a cancer survivor and an only-child caregiver for my mother before she died. I know first-hand the feelings of anxiety and helplessness when there seems to be no one available to help.  So, being a techy who solves other people’s problems, I thought there had to be a better way,” Cellucci said.  His company, Xverity, Inc., has offices in Ben Franklin’s TechVentures and Fort Washington.

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Cellucci said that interactive devices such as Amazon’s Alexa are being placed in homes to augment personal care provided by family members and other caregivers.  “Our customers’ users can use Alexa and other smart devices to stay connected to the services they need and the clinicians who treat their illnesses. A physician, nurse practitioner or care manager can access a display of real time data transmitted by sensors to monitor a patient’s compliance with a life care plan that might include taking their medication, eating regularly, exercising and resting.  Feedback on the person’s emotional health can also be displayed, indicating when the person is anxious, afraid, agitated or calm and under control. These devices and the incredibly sophisticated algorithms that produce useable, actionable information are transforming home care and home health care and are putting the patient back in the center of the health care ecosystem, “he said.

Asked about the cost of the new technology, Cellucci said that like most breakthrough technology, the cost has been declining, putting it within reach of the people who need it the most.

About Xverity, Inc. – Founded in 2015, Xverity is a technology-enabled services company specializing in assuring a smooth continuum of care for patients transitioning from a clinical to a home environment.  Xverity’s solutions range from screening and risk stratification protocols to help design a personalized patient Life Plan, practical engagement tools to connect with patients and their families through voice (e.g., Amazon Echo), video, monitoring devices and personalized applications, and an interconnected service provider ecosystem visible to everyone involved in a patient’s care and ongoing wellbeing.

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