February 2019 Spotlights Privakey

Company Name:

Name: Privakey

Address: 1880 John F Kennedy Blvd Suite 1909

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Telephone: 215-238-0510

Email: hello@privakey.com

Website: www.privakey.com

Primary Contact:

Jessica Donofrio

Marketing Manager

Phone: 215-238-0510 x202

Email: jdonofrio@privakey.com

Company Description:

Privakey is a leader in secure customer engagement. We deliver exceptional digital experiences that eliminate the frustration common with sensitive authentication and authorization transactions. We enable consistent biometric identity confirmation at all customer touchpoints to improve user convenience and security in any business process.

Financial Thumbnail:

Early-stage software startup

Product/Business Description:

Privakey technology delivers secure, interactive push notifications to users, allowing them to assert their identities, confirm transactions and assert their consent. Privakey extends the use of mobile biometrics to any customer interaction, regardless of channel. Common use cases include call center identification, money transfers and purchase approvals.

Target Audience:

List the industries you would like to connect with.

Financial services, healthcare, cable/telecom, home security, retail.

List the types of professionals you would like to meet.

We’re looking for engagement with customer experience teams, product managers, and authentication/authorization identity professionals. Anyone seeking to improve the security and convenience of their customers’ interactions.

Latest Achievements:

We recently landed a contract with a significant financial services technology enterprise. Privakey is gaining traction with large consumer retailers and service providers.  Discovered significant emerging opportunity to secure voice interactions over devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


As a company with deep roots in enterprise security we’ve always been frustrated with the notion that advanced security must be at the expense of a good experience. Privakey was founded to deliver both. We’ve focused on improving the customer experience rather than making it more difficult, and building our product with the end user in mind.

At Privakey we challenge the notion that customers should be required to utilize a different method of authentication and authorization for each channel of engagement. We believe mobile devices are capable of improving the security and convenience of interactions across the entire customer experience.  What makes our approach unique is that we’ve created a technology that extends mobile biometrics, like fingerprint and Face ID, that customers already enjoy using to any sensitive customer interaction.

PACT is very important to us as we seek to build our portfolio of early adopting customers of Privakey. Our target markets of financial services, healthcare and telecommunications are prominently represented in the region and at PACT events. Our attendance at PACT events has already led to valuable discussions with these large local enterprises and we’re excited for more to come.