PCI Year in Review: Accomplishments and Highlights

Leading Innovation

The website highlights many of PCI’s achievements across a wide range of commercial activities, including the execution of more than 770 commercialization agreements that contributed to $114 million in licensing revenue (a new high) and the facilitation of a robust portfolio of faculty-led corporate sponsored research projects that resulted in $104 million in sponsored research funding received and enabled more than a dozen startup companies. PCI also increased client impact through our numerous programs and stakeholder engagement activities.

These combined efforts further strengthen Penn’s growing pipeline of commercial products and R&D partnerships with the private sector, which cumulatively result in more than $200 million dollars of economic activity flowing back into Penn in FY19. Further, Penn spinouts supported by PCI garnered over $260 million of capital investments and additional funds raised or received in FY19.

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PCI Guide is one-stop shop for University entrepreneurs

In early June, the Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) unveiled its first Commercialization Guide. Meant mainly for Penn faculty members and graduate students, the free Guide serves as a one-stop shop for those looking to bring their ideas to market.

John Swartley, PCI’s managing director, says a big part of PCI’s strategy centers around accessibility—making innovation resources obtainable by the entire University community.

“With this Guide, we focused on creating a friendly and easy-to-use resource showing how to work effectively with PCI and engage in all kinds of commercialization activities at Penn,” he says.

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