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Turning leads into sales is complicated, leads are difficult to capture and organize, follow-ups are difficult and sales cycles are long and Team is difficult to manage. 

Track Leads, Manage Customer Relationships and Organize your sales Team in one Place, MLeads

MLeads is built to solve these problems by offering intuitive design and a process that is easy to understand and follow for sales and marketing professionals. MLeads is guaranteed to increase revenue, shorten sales cycles, and streamline processes by offering powerful features like:

  • Lead Retrieval
  • Lead Research
  • Track Leads by Event or Group
  • Lead Follow-ups
  • Measure statistics and ROI
  • Team management

MLeads guarantees to bring efficiency and productivity for any size business anywhere anytime on any devices.

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Pepper Seed Program and Early-Stage Clients Achieve Financing Success in 2018.

Firm’s Startup and Emerging Company Clients Saw Notable Business and Funding Activity Last Year

January 31, 2019

Pepper Hamilton LLP today announced that the firm assisted more than 15 SEED Program clients in obtaining financing in 2018, with investments ranging from $400,000 to $25 million. Through the firm’s program for startup and early-stage entrepreneurial development — Pepper SEED™ — Pepper Hamilton attorneys work with emerging companies to provide
a solid and affordable legal foundation while developing a long-term relationship between business and advisor.

The firm also announced today that its attorneys worked on more than 35 venture financings for startup and early-stage clients in 2018, with combined transaction values exceeding $178 million.

Through the SEED Program, Pepper Hamilton has advised hundreds of innovative startups as they launched businesses in the health sciences, technology, retail and social media industries, among others. Accepted participants in the SEED Program benefit from a unique alternative fee structure, where, for a nominal entry fee, they receive a full suite of essential basic legal documents, effective legal counseling, and mentoring in areas such as board development and management, business plan review, and investor relations. Pepper Hamilton attorneys also leverage their extensive array of relationships to introduce SEED Program clients to angel groups, seed funds and venture capital funds.

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February 2019 Spotlights Privakey

Company Name:

Name: Privakey

Address: 1880 John F Kennedy Blvd Suite 1909

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Telephone: 215-238-0510



Primary Contact:

Jessica Donofrio

Marketing Manager

Phone: 215-238-0510 x202


Company Description:

Privakey is a leader in secure customer engagement. We deliver exceptional digital experiences that eliminate the frustration common with sensitive authentication and authorization transactions. We enable consistent biometric identity confirmation at all customer touchpoints to improve user convenience and security in any business process.

Financial Thumbnail:

Early-stage software startup

Product/Business Description:

Privakey technology delivers secure, interactive push notifications to users, allowing them to assert their identities, confirm transactions and assert their consent. Privakey extends the use of mobile biometrics to any customer interaction, regardless of channel. Common use cases include call center identification, money transfers and purchase approvals.

Target Audience:

List the industries you would like to connect with.

Financial services, healthcare, cable/telecom, home security, retail.

List the types of professionals you would like to meet.

We’re looking for engagement with customer experience teams, product managers, and authentication/authorization identity professionals. Anyone seeking to improve the security and convenience of their customers’ interactions.

Latest Achievements:

We recently landed a contract with a significant financial services technology enterprise. Privakey is gaining traction with large consumer retailers and service providers.  Discovered significant emerging opportunity to secure voice interactions over devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


As a company with deep roots in enterprise security we’ve always been frustrated with the notion that advanced security must be at the expense of a good experience. Privakey was founded to deliver both. We’ve focused on improving the customer experience rather than making it more difficult, and building our product with the end user in mind.

At Privakey we challenge the notion that customers should be required to utilize a different method of authentication and authorization for each channel of engagement. We believe mobile devices are capable of improving the security and convenience of interactions across the entire customer experience.  What makes our approach unique is that we’ve created a technology that extends mobile biometrics, like fingerprint and Face ID, that customers already enjoy using to any sensitive customer interaction.

PACT is very important to us as we seek to build our portfolio of early adopting customers of Privakey. Our target markets of financial services, healthcare and telecommunications are prominently represented in the region and at PACT events. Our attendance at PACT events has already led to valuable discussions with these large local enterprises and we’re excited for more to come.

The Secret to Attracting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent

By Emeka Oguh, Founder and CEO, PeopleJoy

More than 44 million Americans carry $1.5 trillion of outstanding student loan debt, which is the second largest debt in the United States behind mortgages. Companies that want to attract and retain talent are offering alternative benefits like student loan repayment assistance to address this problem.

The opportunity

Employees want student loan repayment plans (SLRPs), yet less than 5% of companies offer them. An American Student Assistance (ASA) survey found that 86% of employees would stay with a company for at least five years if the employer helped them to pay back their student loans.

Funding costs, however, prevent many companies from offering this assistance to their employees.  For example, a company offering a student loan contribution of $100 per month, would need to pay $1.2M for every 1,000 participants.

Navigating the student loan space is also complex and confusing. For borrowers, government programs offer better repayment terms and loan forgiveness but come with confusing requirements. Misunderstanding of eligibility requirements and filing improper paperwork is one of the reasons why 99% of Public Service Loan Forgiveness applicants were rejected.

The industry needs a better solution.

PeopleJoy offers guidance that is powered by artificial intelligence, improving the accuracy of financial wellness benefits and lowering overall costs. Employees answer simple questions online. PeopleJoy’s solution handles the rest: the math to find out what they qualify for, the administrative work for enrollment and ongoing monitoring to maintain eligibility.

Solutions for the modern workforce

Insurance carriers and wellness providers offering PeopleJoy as a solution for their clients, could see an increase in cross-selling opportunities for voluntary insurance, HSA, 529 and 401(k) Plans. They will be offering a tailored, digital solution that is 100% online. Helping companies get set up has never been easier. In addition, insurance carriers and wellness providers will also gain new clients and see an increase in retention with their existing clients.

Employers would have a new vehicle for attracting new talent that also improves employee retention. PeopleJoy benefits fill in the gaps in employee benefits packages and come at no cost to the employer. Easy setup and integration with other HR software, like ADP and Oracle, means that PeopeJoy can be streamlined into their current human resources systems.

Employees also see progress in reducing their student loan debt. With PeopleJoy’s platform, they can see immediate student debt savings and gain valuable tax benefit strategies. The dashboard is easy to navigate and gives them insight into their current financial wellness. Employees can also talk to a student loan coach on demand to maximize their benefits. Enrollment comes with a 100% money-back guarantee as well.

PeopleJoy provides a technology solution for the modern workforce. We can customize the plans according to business size and needs. When employers work with insurance carriers and wellness providers that offer PeopleJoy benefits, the setup and integration process is made seamless. Employers can look forward to higher retention rates among their employees.

Contact us to learn more about how your company can attract and retain today’s top talent.

Emeka Oguh is the founder and CEO of PeopleJoy, a financial wellness company. PeopleJoy helps employers attract, retain and engage talent using student loan education, assistance and refinancing as an employee benefit. Find us at

Formcraft Member Spotlight

Company Name:

1515 Market St.

Suite 1710

Philadelphia, PA 19102


Primary Contact:

Philip Lock

Principal & Marketing Director



Company Description Financial Thumbnail: Profitable on revenues of approximately $15 million


Product/Business Description:

Formcraft specializes in creating workspaces that promote connections between employees and set businesses up for success. We have an integrated team of architects, interior designers and construction professionals on our staff, which means we take full-responsibility of an office redesign or renovation from start to finish.


Target Audience:

Formcraft works with companies in various industries, such as retail, technology and service standards, that need to renovate or redesign it’s office space in the next 6-24 months. We connect with the decision makers of these companies who have the responsibility for the office renovation or redesign.


Latest Achievements:

Formcraft was recognized as Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Top Real Estate Deal for it’s DFC Global Corp. project. Formcraft’s Senior Interior Designers, Julie Lech-Violette and Donna McDaniel, both received Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Trendiest Interior Design awards.

Commentary/Testimonial: Formcraft’s breakthrough integrated business model allows clients to experience true advocacy and cohesiveness in their office renovations. Businesses won’t have to deal with the back-and-forth of working with multiple companies on one project because every element is handled by Formcraft.

Member Spotlight: Precision Systems, Inc.

Company: Precision Systems, Inc.

Address: 1355 Business Center Drive, Suite C

Horsham, PA 19044

Phone: 215-672-1860


Web Address:



Walter Johnson, President

Primary Contact: Casandra Mann | | 215-672-1860 ext. 118

Company Info:

A software engineering firm with 38 years of experience, specializing in the development of custom microprocessor, embedded, and PC-based solutions, as well as mission- and safety-critical projects. From privately owned small businesses to large Fortune 500 organizations and the U.S. Government, the PSI team is responsible for both consulting and engineering solutions for projects that can’t risk failure. These solutions are focused on the medical device, pharmaceutical, industrial and military industries.

Member Spotlight: OrthogenRx, Inc.

OrthogenRx, Inc. a resident of the PA Biotechnology Center in Doylestown has transformed itself from initial Seed funding in January 2014 to commercial launch of its first product in May 2016, GenVisc 850, used in the treatment of osteoarthritis knee pain. In December 2016 the Company reported it was cash-flow positive, and is on track to achieve over $17MM in sales in 2017 in its first full year of sales. The Company is led by an experienced management team with decades of experience in product development, commercialization, sales, marketing, and reimbursement, and now has 20 full-time employees. OrthogenRx was founded by Bucks County resident Michael Daley PhD and was initially funded by a syndicate of Angels and Ben Franklin Technology Partners, including $187,500 in investment from the Venture Capital for Bucks County, VC4BC. OrthogenRx’s unique platform and regulatory approval blueprint afford the company an accelerated go-to-market strategy at a significant reduction in cost and time. The Company also has a rich pipeline of 4 additional products in development which could add up to $200MM in topline revenues by 2021.

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First Data Completes Acquisition Of CardConnect

Jul 06, 2017

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– First Data Corporation (NYSE: FDC), a global leader in commerce-enabling technology and solutions, and CardConnect Corp., a payment processing and technology solutions provider, today announced the successful completion of First Data’s tender offer to purchase the outstanding shares of CardConnect common stock for $15.00 per share in cash. The tender offer expired one minute after 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, on July 5, 2017.

First Data subsequently completed the acquisition of the remaining CardConnect shares of common stock not acquired in the tender offer through a merger pursuant to Section 251(h) of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. As a result, CardConnect is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Data and CardConnect shares will no longer be traded on the NASDAQ.

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Member Spotlight: ObjectFrontier

iHealth – Patient Monitoring Application using Realtime Data Analytics on SMACK

SMACK – Patient Monitoring using Realtime Data Analytics on SMACK (Spark – Mesos – Apache – Cassadra – Kafka) of how OFS helps healthcare providers and their vendors to deliver innovative digital solutions that improve patient care.

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