Lovoco and GoVivace launched Stenopoly – instantaneous bilingual subtitling AI invention – in unity, and now gaining critical mass.

Startup and market leader collaborate on new technology benefiting the disabled, effective communicators, and learners.

UNITED STATES, September 25, 2017 – Lovoco and GoVivace combined core competencies to invent the first real-time multilingual captioning SaaS powered by artificial intelligence.  Lovoco (Philadelphia, PA) and GoVivace (McLean, VA) partnered up and co-invested high-tech R&D to engineer Stenopoly – automated polylingual stenographer – with advanced speech recognition, hybrid machine translation, and customizable captioning typography.  This system automatically generates live subtitles in multiple language pairs, transcription, and post-edit video captions, summary, and analysis.  Plus, their protocol, buy one, gift one, passes on pro bono ed tech to local primary and or secondary schools across communities.

In essence, an orator presents with the software system, and whatever is spoken displays live in two languages as augmented reality.  This A/V Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) SaaS integrates into keynote speaking engagements, live streaming, webcasting, and web conferencing.


Stenopoly serves multinational corporations, NGOs, and governments with globalization and localization solutions for solidified strategic cross-cultural communications.

Stenopoly serves the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions industry with event technology solutions for greater inclusion, engagement, and satisfaction in experiential environments.

Stenopoly serves academia with statistically significant higher learning outcomes through visual-auditory efficacy, rapid language learning, and multimodal instruction.

Stenopoly serves the media and entertainment industry with closed loop production efficiencies.


About Lovoco

Lovoco, social enterprise with triple bottom line focus, specializes in translation and interpretation AI services and international trade and commerce.  Lovoco innovates to solve:

  • Accessibility via Assistive Tech
  • Communications via Language Tech
  • Education via Ed Tech

About GoVivace

GoVivace earns its competitive advantage every day in speech technology and natural language understanding.  GoVivace evolved postdoctoral level R&D to cutting edge human language technology and expert consultancy in:

  • Speaker Identification
  • Speaker analytics – Language, Gender, Accent, Age, and Emotion
  • Speech Processing
  • Speech-to-Text
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Call analytics
  • Deep Learning

About the Partnership 

The two strategic partners heighten capabilities and capacities in key departments: computer science and information technology and marketing and sales management.

Initial Launches

Sep. 29, 2015- Lovoco pitched at Rise of the Rest/Blackstone Charitable Foundation Student Speed Pitch.

Oct. 25, 2016- Lovoco pitched at Learning 2016 Barracuda Bowl.

Apr. 24-26, 2017- GoVivace presented and demoed Stenopoly at SpeechTEK 2017.

Apr. 25, 2017- Lovoco presented Stenopoly at Milken Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition.

For more about AI in computational linguistics, visit www.lovoco.co.  For more about AI in voice recognition, visit www.govivace.com.

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