Three Ways Companies are “Going Green” in the Workplace

Written by Formcraft

From big picture design elements to smaller details, employers are finding innovative ways to incorporate sustainability into the everyday workplace experience. Investing in green initiatives is not just a gimmick to satisfy a fleeting trend, there is evidence employees are actually happier and healthier in workplaces that make sustainability a priority. For a company considering a renovation or relocation, these three elements of sustainability are sure to be relevant to their search. Consideration for environmental, social, and economic sustainability means that a company is self-aware of its impact on the places and people it touches. Awareness of impact can lead to more mindful solutions that translate into a happier and healthier workplace.

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From The Desk of Senior Designer Donna McDaniel: Office Space & Employee Engagement

Written by Formcraft

The well-known corporate adage “Dress For Success” is based on the belief that what you wear directly affects your mood, behavior, and attitude. Connecting style with success attitude goes beyond personal clothing and can be applied to communal assets like the work environment. The physical environment is another channel for variables that can greatly enhance or detract from the employee experience. The elements of the workplace environment make up visual cues based on textures, color, light, technology, and furnishing. These elements have the ability to engage all of the sense and impact mood and behaviors.

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Formcraft Member Spotlight

Company Name:

1515 Market St.

Suite 1710

Philadelphia, PA 19102


Primary Contact:

Philip Lock

Principal & Marketing Director



Company Description Financial Thumbnail: Profitable on revenues of approximately $15 million


Product/Business Description:

Formcraft specializes in creating workspaces that promote connections between employees and set businesses up for success. We have an integrated team of architects, interior designers and construction professionals on our staff, which means we take full-responsibility of an office redesign or renovation from start to finish.


Target Audience:

Formcraft works with companies in various industries, such as retail, technology and service standards, that need to renovate or redesign it’s office space in the next 6-24 months. We connect with the decision makers of these companies who have the responsibility for the office renovation or redesign.


Latest Achievements:

Formcraft was recognized as Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Top Real Estate Deal for it’s DFC Global Corp. project. Formcraft’s Senior Interior Designers, Julie Lech-Violette and Donna McDaniel, both received Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Trendiest Interior Design awards.

Commentary/Testimonial: Formcraft’s breakthrough integrated business model allows clients to experience true advocacy and cohesiveness in their office renovations. Businesses won’t have to deal with the back-and-forth of working with multiple companies on one project because every element is handled by Formcraft.