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Agenda Detail

Day 1: Data as the New Responsibility (The Warnings Before the Spells)

Customers, clients, patients, students, citizens and other served communities want you to deliver an experience that only their data can enable, but they are growing in their understanding and their concern about what they’re trusting you to know – and regulators are increasingly intent on defining and enforcing your obligations. Look to our speakers and our demo pit participants for insight and assistance in rising to meet new expectations and mandates.

  • Suzanne DiCicco, IGP, SEI
  • Mark McCreary, Fox Rothschild
  • Nick Sanna, RiskLens
  • Peter Coffee, Salesforce – Moderator

Day 2: The Consumer as Data Producer and Owner (Flipping the Paradigm)

In the last decade, we have seen the meteoric rise in market power and value of tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, and Tencent, built on the back of data and analytics coming from their massive base of users. As individuals and governments have awoken to the significant market advantages and economic rent extracted from this data, there has been a steady shift in the paradigm of data control and ownership. Along with shift, new business models are emerging that enable consumers to take control of their own data, who it is shared with, and how to even monetize it, creating a new dynamic for the data economy. This panel will tackle this paradigm shift for data business models from both the large enterprise and user-centric viewpoints.

  • Deborah Hsieh, Ciox Health
  • Bruce Pon, Ocean Protocol
  • Julian Ranger,
  • Dr. Anna Zeiter, eBay
  • Scott Snyder, Breakthru Advisors – Moderator

Day 3: Data Management (Not the Fun Part – Deal With It)

The volume, the velocity, and the richness of data grow simultaneously in ways that tax the limits of legacy infrastructures and data models. Whether it’s new 5G-aligned architectures, extended integration and interoperation with cloud resources or evolving ecosystems of data sharing and process improvement—including those based on distributed-ledger platforms—our speakers and demo contenders will reveal and illuminate these (and other) futures that are now.

  • Kevin Bair, Snowflake
  • Sushma Akunuru, Independence Blue Cross
  • Mark Porter, MongoDB
  • Joe Vidal, HPE – Moderator

Day 4: Unlocking the Value and Activating the Energy of Data (There’s Gold In Those Hills)

It’s too easy to let Moore’s Law lead to bigger, faster, stronger silos of data, which only empower the kind of shallow and fragmented relationships that no longer preserve customer loyalty or achieve profitability. Value-adding engagement demands judicious use of AI-derived tools that find patterns, and make useful predictions and recommendations, while non-technical stakeholders are also being enabled to participate more directly in analyzing data and in designing and automating the experience. Our speakers and our aspiring demo’ers will share both present reality and imminent opportunity.

  • Haroon Abbu, Bell and Howell
  • Ashish Shah, Dina
  • Tom Wilde, Indico
  • Brian Atkiss, Anexinet – Moderator



PACTCapCon’s 2020 virtual experience will bring together sponsors, investors and entrepreneurs both regionally and nationally with engaging content, company presentations and live investor commitments through The Lion’s Den Finale.

CHANGE IN LINEUP: September 24 will feature the Lion’s Den at 10 a.m. followed by the Gala Networking in PACT’s Virtual Lounge, powered by Remo, at 11:30 a.m.

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
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11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Gala Networking Lounge

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PACT Capital Conference Program Line-Up
10:00 AM Start-Time

August 18, 19 & 20
Industry Tracks Panel Content

Capital Conference Content Sessions (more to come)

Healthcare Panel – August 18, 10-11 AM

Home as the Hub?

Recent world events and changes in patient preferences and demands have created a fundamental shift in how and where healthcare services are delivered. Easing of telemedicine regulations have allowed providers to more easily interact virtually with their patients, causing a meaningful transition from institution to non-institution- based care. Healthcare providers were in various stages of preparedness to address this rapid transformation, and all continue to assess their business strategy as this change continues to unfold. Is this virtual environment permanent or will a recoil in payment models and  regulations pull back the trend? What parts of traditional healthcare delivery will remain unchanged? What technology investments should a provider be making? Join us for a thought provoking and interactive session as we explore macro healthcare delivery topics with local and regional experts and thought leaders around the country.


  • Rodrigo Cerda MD MPH, VP Clinical Care Transformation, Facilitated Health Networks, IBX
  • Ravi Ganesan, Founder/CEO, Core Solutions
  • Gulshan Mehta, CPHIMS, CHCIO, Senior Director and Bear Institute Leader Children’s National Hospital and Cerner Corporation

Moderator – Michael Coppa, Partner, RSM US LLP

Technology Panel – August 19, 10-11 AM

Emerging Selling Strategies and Approaches

How technology tools and resources are being delivered to consumers in today’s environment via 3 Case Studies

1 – How service-based firms, and enterprise companies are adapting and managing work-flow environments

2 – Delivery of Entertainment – Theatre, Concerts, Sports, etc

3- Selling to Consumers – With a focus on retail, re-thinking retail space or reconfigure how to sell for both small and large companies


  • Tom Schwenger, President & COO, Veeva
  • Scott Stoufer, CEO, scaleMatters

Early Stage Panel – August 20, 10-11 AM

Remote Work

From the East and West coast VC perspectives: What are the trends? What they like and do not like? And related anecdotes from their portfolios.


  • Gil Beyda, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures, & Managing Partner, Genacast Ventures
  • Tripp Jones, General Partner, August Capital
  • Paul Martino, General Partner, Bullpen Capital
  • Varsha Tagare- Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures

Moderator – Doc Parghi, Managing Partner, SRI Capital

August 25, 26 & 27
Featured Company Presentations

September 1, 2 & 10
Featured Company Presentations

September 24 – CHANGE IN AGENDA! See Below for adjusted times!
Lion’s Den Finale – 10 AM
Gala Networking – 11:30 AM

Meet Our 2020 Lions

  • Larry Berran, Chief Executive Officer, iPipeline
  • Jonathan Brassington, Executive Vice President – Digital Customer Experience, Capgemini North America
  • Holly Flanagan, Managing Director, Gabriel Investments
  • Rudy Karsan, Managing Partner, Karlani Capital
  • Paul Melchiorre, Operating Partner, Stripes