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BBVA Compass Goes Live with Real-Time
Payments and Dwolla

VIDEO: BBVA Compass CEO – Manuel “Manolo” Sanchez

It’s not just an idea. FiSync from Dwolla allows money to move like you’d expect it to: instantly. Dwolla’s FiSync protocol facilitates secure real-time payments that bypass traditional networks. Transactions initiated via FiSync are fast, secure, and available now through BBVA Compass.

What makes Dwolla’s technology so dramatically different is that when you hit the send button the money actually moves instantly and there’s no card or check used in the process at all. It’s completely digital. FiSync enabled transactions made to and from your financial institution can be done in real-time on any device connected to the Internet.
In fact, transactions through FiSync settle faster than most websites load. Once you see the confirmation page, the money has already moved.

Real-time payments are anytime payments.
In a real-time world, you’re in control of when your money stops, or goes. In a real-time world, money is just where it’s supposed to be when it’s supposed to be there.
What normally takes a business day or more now takes less than a second, and the network is always open to process a payment. FiSync uses Dwolla’s real-time ledger, configured to communicate with banks. It’s already been used to move billions in transactions and there are no settlement windows to mess with.

With this new technology, there’s no waiting for the Fed to open on Monday or at 8:30AM. You can stream payments anytime and do so. Big businesses like CME and local businesses like Mars Cafe can all use it. There’s no bias for who gets access.

For businesses banking at BBVA Compass, using Dwolla for payouts means, with a BBVA Compass account you won’t need to preload a separate bank account to disburse payments and receivers will get access instantly in Dwolla. That means the money can stay in your bank account longer. For merchants accepting payments, it means the second you receive a payment, that money is available to you even if that payment was made at 2AM on a Saturday.

New technology completely removes the need for sensitive bank account or payment information.
Most tokenization (or the replacement of sensitive information with unique, encrypted tokens) requires that users still provide sensitive payment account information to a third-party, like ApplePay, Square Cash, Stripe, or PayPal, before becoming tokenized. FiSync pioneers a new application of tokenization, one that removes the need for Dwolla to collect bank account information or credentials to connect a checking or savings account.

This not only reduces the information security risk associated with bank transfers, but creates a simple, safe, and fast way to link your checking or savings accounts.

Independence Blue Cross Collaborates with
CareCam Health Systems

Independence Blue Cross (Independence), the leading health insurance organization in southeastern Pennsylvania, announced today that it has begun offering CareCam Health Systems’ (CareCam) chronic condition self-management app to help patients better proactively manage their health. Independence is offering CareCam’s easy-to-use mobile phone and tablet app at no cost to adult members with diabetes or asthma.

After members complete a short health survey upon registration, CareCam generates a daily personalized schedule of health care activities designed to fit each individual’s lifestyle. This allows them to more easily adhere to the treatment plan recommended by their doctor.

“At Independence, we are deeply committed to creating innovative ways to further improve the health of our members, which is why we’ve invested in CareCam,” says Daniel J. Hilferty, president and CEO of Independence. “From partnering with nationally known innovators, to working with new startups, we are always looking for ways to support innovations that help our members better and more easily manage their health.”

Having a strong support network between doctor visits can play a major role in helping a patient with diabetes or asthma stay on track and ultimately lead a healthier life, which is why CareCam gives users the unique availability to invite friends, family members, or caregivers to follow their progress on the app and provide support and encouragement to help ensure success.

Each day, CareCam reminds members to complete the activities necessary to effectively manage their diabetes or asthma, such as checking their sugar levels, measuring their peak flow (breathing) rate, taking medications and exercising. Users also receive real-time personalized feedback on how well they’re doing and have access to daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of their performance, which can be shared with their doctors during their next visit.

“CareCam focuses on engaging patients in the management of their own health, which is a critical missing link for successful, scalable, and cost-effective chronic care management,” says CareCam Chairman and CEO Hal Rosenbluth. “We capitalize on the power of mobile technology to engage and empower people with chronic conditions, providing them with a convenient, 24/7 resource for support in managing their care.”

The app also provides one-touch access to vLearning, an interactive library of short, easy-to-understand videos online about the health condition and other important health care topics.

CareCam is continuing to build upon and enhance its software platform for all members. Future releases will include additional functionality around other chronic conditions and medication adherence. In addition, integration with other platforms like Apple HealthKit is underway.

Initially, Independence members with asthma or diabetes can download the app for free by searching for “CareCam” in the Apple app store or Google Play store.

About Independence Blue Cross
Independence Blue Cross is the leading health insurance organization in southeastern Pennsylvania. With our affiliates, we serve nearly 10 million people in 25 states and the District of Columbia, including 2.5 million in the region. For nearly 80 years, we have been enhancing the health and wellness of the people and communities we serve by delivering innovative and competitively priced health care products and services; pioneering new ways to reward doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals for coordinated, quality care; and supporting programs and events that promote wellness. To learn more visit

About CareCam Health Systems
Based in Conshohocken, PA, CareCam Health Systems is a vHealthTM technology firm and a leader in a new approach to chronic care management, making the patient the driving force behind better outcomes. CareCam has built a comprehensive software solution that combines the power of behavioral science, mobile technology – smartphones and tablets – and video to enable scalable, successful chronic care management and improved health outcomes for health plan members, and reduced health plan costs across all books of business. Led by a team of seasoned executives who have worked together for over 25 years to create new industries, including travel management and retail health clinics, CareCam is poised to reinvent chronic care management and transform the current healthcare landscape. To learn more, visit

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