Profiling Technology and Healthcare Company Finalists for the 23rd Annual Enterprise Awards



Biomeme’s end-to-end mobile platform enables you to isolate DNA, analyze using gold-standard lab technology, and mange results in the cloud. The system includes a docking station for real-time PCR, a mobile app to control the system and analyze results, and targeted test kits for preparing samples and identifying pathogens or diseases by their specific DNA or RNA signatures. The platform performs to the gold standard used by advanced central labs but requires no lab equipment or special experience to use.

Liquid Biotech

Liquid Biotech USA, Inc.’s mission is to employ novel, proprietary technology to isolate, enumerate and genetically analyze circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in cancer patients in order to develop sensitive, non-invasive diagnostic testing that enable physicians to better manage their patients’ cancer. In addition, we support internal, corporate, and academic research by isolating and analyzing individual CTCs, employing next generation DNA sequencing technology to discover novel cancer driver genes to support drug development efforts of our partners, develop next generation stage specific cancer biomarkers, and support companion diagnostics.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals develops proprietary next-generation synthetic cannabinoid therapeutics formulated for transdermal delivery. Transdermal delivery has the potential to reduce adverse effects associated with oral dosing. ZYN002, the Company’s CBD gel, is the first and only synthetic CBD formulated as a permeation-enhanced gel and is being studied in refractory epilepsy, FXS and osteoarthritis. Zynerba is also developing ZYN001, which utilizes a synthetically manufactured pro-drug of THC in a transdermal patch to be studied in fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathic pain.



LUXTECH designs, develops and engineers LED modules that enable LED luminaire fixture manufacturers to enter the market or expand their offerings. Fixture manufacturers need a proven, mistake-free way to embrace the technology – offering attractive LED products to customers as efficiently as possible. LUXTECH offers the first market-ready integrated AC Driverless LED engines and modules to achieve no visible flicker operation with universal voltage input and no electrolytic capacitors or inductors. Our engines and modules allow for light output fixture design without the complexity of DC driven engines and modules.


Picwell helps people select the ideal health plan for themselves and their families. Picwell’s advisory tool understands all the nuances of health plan choice including predicting a consumer’s health needs, estimating RealCost™, assessing risk tolerance levels, evaluating network value and considering lifestyle preferences, which eliminates the need for a consumer to become a health insurance expert. Picwell distills this complex array of information into simple to understand, independent and objective presentations for consumers, allowing them to buy with confidence and ease.


NavPort delivers cutting-edge analytic solutions to the oil and gas industry, and is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information and customer support. Through its deep industry experience, NavPort delivers downhole data insights and analytics with unprecedented detail and accuracy—on a daily basis. NavPort’s data is used to build sales plans, create market and product comparisons, evaluate competitor performance, identify well completion and production trends, predict basis activity, and find opportunities.



ACT Oncology

ACT Oncology is a full-service, oncology specialist, clinical research organization (CRO) providing expert, flexible and cost-effective support for our biotech, pharmaceutical and non-profit oncology organizations. Our dedicated team of clinical research experts is committed to optimizing oncology drug research, bringing new treatments to the market quickly and efficiently, and supporting our Sponsors’ Phase I-III oncology programs, registries and Investigator Sponsored Trials.


Egalet, a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company, is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovative pain treatments. The Company has two approved products: OXAYDO tablets for oral use only and SPRIX® Nasal Spray. In addition, Egalet’s proprietary Guardian™ Technology can be applied broadly across different classes of pharmaceutical products and can be used to develop combination products that include multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients with similar or different release profiles.

Intact Vascular

Intact Vascular is a medical device company that develops minimally invasive peripheral vascular products. The Tack Endovascular System™ is designed to optimize peripheral balloon angioplasty results in the treatment of peripheral artery disease. This technology will offer physicians a new treatment option for treating peripheral artery disease. Intact Vascular is committed to developing safe, efficacious and easy to use products for patients with vascular disease and for the physicians who treat them.




Archer delivers fit-for-growth solutions to investment managers in Private Wealth, Retail and Institutional channels. The Archer technology platform supports investment management operations with end-to-end integration of proprietary order life cycle management, monitoring and reporting tools including performance measurement, and workflow management such as document storage and staging. Archer’s operations solution allows for the selective outsourcing of investment management support for institutional, private wealth, and managed accounts.


LoanLogics improves the transparency and accuracy of the mortgage process and improve the quality of loans. LoanLogics serves the needs of residential mortgage lenders, servicers, insurers, and investors that want to improve loan quality, performance and reliability throughout the loan lifecycle. The company develops advanced solutions that help clients validate compliance, improve profitability, and manage risk during the manufacture, sale and servicing of loan assets.


In 2001, the company pioneered a data-driven approach that makes getting important, relevant feedback on candidates quicker, more cost effective and most importantly, when the data is analyzed, more predictive of success. Today, SkillSurvey is the leader in online reference checking and credentialing, providing immediately useful insights to help employers make better hiring decisions. SkillSurvey speeds hiring for commercial, higher education, healthcare, and staffing and recruiting organizations. Its cloud-based referencing and credentialing solutions answer vital questions that help organizations hire the right people for every role.


2016 INVESTMENT DEAL Finalists

Aclaris Therapeutics

Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing and commercializing innovative and differentiated therapies to address significant unmet needs in dermatology. Our lead drug candidate A-101 is being developed as an in-office treatment for seborrheic keratosis (SK), a common non-cancerous skin tumor, as well as for other cutaneous indications, such as common warts. In September 2015, Aclaris acquired a portfolio of oral and topical Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor compounds for the treatment of alopecia areata and other dermatological conditions.


iPipeline is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the life insurance industry. Through our SaaS solutions, we accelerate and simplify insurance sales, compliance, operations and support. We provide process automation and seamless integration between every participant in the life insurance industry including carriers, agents (such as financial advisors and independent insurance agents), distributors (such as banks, broker-dealers and general agencies) and consumers. Our innovative solutions enable automated processing for pre-sales, point-of-sale execution of applications, post-sale support, reporting, consumer delivery and agency management.


SevOne provides the leading digital infrastructure management platform for companies delivering on the “promise of now” for today’s connected, mobile world. Many of the world’s largest enterprises and service providers rely on the SevOne Cluster™ technology to monitor, analyze, and optimize their massive, dynamic, and infinitely complex digital infrastructure—including components such as network, compute, storage, power and cooling. By enabling companies to harness the power of their digital infrastructure, SevOne provides real-time insights for any scale environment.




Accolade is an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans, and health systems. Accolade’s team of compassionate, exceptional professionals is supported by breakthrough science and technologies to guide people through the healthcare system in a deeply personalized manner. Accolade customers experience industry-leading engagement levels, satisfaction scores unseen in healthcare, better health outcomes, and cost savings of more than 10 percent. Accolade has been recognized as one of the nation’s 25 most promising companies by Forbes magazine, the fastest-growing private healthcare company by Inc. 500 and a Top Workplace for five consecutive years.

GSI Health

GSI Health’s cloud-based software solutions unite patients, health care payers and care providers of all kinds, enabling whole person and whole population care through efficient communication, workflow, information sharing, and built-in analytics and reporting—all in a single integrated platform. The company’s configurable solutions help care teams across the community manage, analyze, and engage with patients in real time as they move through the care delivery system to prevent avoidable hospital readmissions and improve population health so you can improve your ROI.


HealthRight is a unique membership program created to fill gaps in the current health care system. Whether you have insurance or not, we’re here to help connect you to convenient, dependable, and affordable health care when you need it the most, including 24/7 access to nurses and doctors, plus significant savings on lab testing, imaging studies, prescriptions, and more. In fact, the majority of our members already have insurance, yet they use HealthRight to enhance health benefits for themselves and their loved ones while controlling health care costs.



Analytical Graphics

AGI provides commercial off-the-shelf software to national security and space professionals for integrated analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets. Founded in 1989 and enjoying strong growth in its history, AGI has been named to numerous prestigious lists. It ranked first in the Great Place to Work Institute and Society for Human Resource Management’s “Best Small Company to Work For in America” contest in 2004 and 2005, third in 2007, and first in the medium-sized company category in 2006.

CRF Health

RF Health creates electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions that are simple, scalable, and effective. From our collaborative, agile design approach to our user-friendly reporting tools, we streamline complex processes and deliver reliable results for superior clinical trial outcomes. We improve patient engagement with intuitive design, support study teams with tailored scientific insights, and secure high-quality data with precision. Above all, we ease the path to approval. Our personalized service and unparalleled eCOA expertise helps sponsors bring new medicine to market quickly and cost-effectively, improving lives across the world.

Evolve IP

One of the nation’s fastest growing cloud companies, Evolve IP provides cloud services in virtually every industry including: healthcare, legal, insurance, banking, technology, travel, veterinary medicine, and retail and to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The company’s Evolve IP OneCloud solution allows organizations to migrate multiple cloud computing and cloud communications services onto a single, unified platform including virtual data center/servers, disaster recovery, virtual desktops, IP phone systems/unified communications, contact centers, and more.

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