Pricing & Registration

Why Attend PACT Capital Conference 2017?

Entrepreneur – Learn if your company’s vision aligns with what investors are looking for. Whether you are a Featured Company or in the audience, entrepreneurs can get their business model in front of investors.

Investor – Capitalize on deal sourcing opportunities by meeting the entrepreneurs.

Professional Advisor – Grow your business, meet new clients and use your resources to help emerging businesses expand.

Dress Code: Business Casual
Jeans, jackets – leave your tie behind!


Price Points:

Full PACT 2017 Conference (includes Gala Reception)
$499 per PACT member
$899 per Non-member

Wednesday, November 1st Only $249 per person

Thursday, November 2nd
Gala-Reception only
$299 per person PACT Member
$349 per person Non-Member

$499 per PACT member
$249 Out-of-region Investor

Entrepreneur Program
$200 per person

Walk-in Rate

Registrations will only be accepted by website, post-mail, or fax. No registration will be taken over the phone, and full payment must accompany registration.
fax number: 215-790-3729


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