Why Attend PACT Capital Conference?

Learn if your company’s vision aligns with what investors are looking for. Whether you are a Featured Company or in the audience, entrepreneurs can get their business model in front of more than a 100 investors from around the country.

Economies thrive when investors invest time, advice, and capital. Capitalize on deal flow opportunities by meeting promising entrepreneurs of curated healthcare and technology companies.

As the lynchpin of the emerging growth ecosystem, you can deepen relationships with potential clients by offering expertise and building connections for entrepreneurs.


Price Points:

Below is a list of usual price points when the conference is in-person.

PACT Conference 2021
$508.98 per PACT member
$612 per Non-member

FREE for QUALIFIED Investors

Entrepreneur Program 
$100 per person (Must Qualify)

Gala Reception
$304.98 per person

Registrations will only be accepted by website, post-mail, or email via No registration will be taken over the phone, and full payment must accompany registration.

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