Phorum Demo Pit

The Phorum Demo Pit, featuring our judges’ selection of early-stage companies providing the cutting-edge innovation that enables digital disruption.


Celéri Health

Chronic pain is hard to treat and even harder to measure. Unlike diabetes, cancer and heart disease, pain care is not yet a data-driven disease. Celéri Health treats every encounter like a clinical study visit to capture real-world evidence and data streams (patient-reported outcomes, diagnoses, drug history, procedure registry, wearables, and physiologic data). Our Real World Outcomes® platform operationalizes the consensus expert recommendations embodied in the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016.6 We are building the largest most comprehensive patient-centric real world outcomes data set in pain, including procedure, device registries, and pharmaceutical usage. We have over 100 users who have assessed over 50k patients that have completed over 275k assessments, as well as running five clinical studies, including one with Medtronic.


Envision2bWell is a mission driven digital health company committed to empowering, enabling, and inspiring health and well-being for all. Our app and platform, EnvisionWell®, helps people live healthier lives with personalized engagement, robust data, and digital, social and human experiences to support them on their wellness journey. HIPAA compliant, powerfully integrated, and multi-functional, EnvisionWell® is a digital health stack that converges personal and workplace wellness while also providing the necessary support through telecare, which we call TeleWellness. In a marketplace of fragmented, disconnected digital health tools and resources, EnvisionWell® is one resource that aggregates health and wellness data through the lens of Social Determinants of Health AND Wellness so we can meet people where they are and bring their data to life – Wellness REIMAGINED!


GoCoach is a B2B SaaS Subscription Talent Development Platform that meets people right where they are, right now, with personalized coaching and blended learning to upskill anyone. Our marketplace matches customers and coaches, manages, schedules, and tracks progression providing measurable outputs. GoCoach measures impact with KPI-driven Sessions & Learning Behavioral Assessments. Our platform drives and reinforces the behavior change companies need to see from their learning investments. By providing each learner with a customized collection of resources and tools to measure their progress, we’ve cracked the code in measuring and ensuring success for both the learner and the company. GoCoach is a complete solution that manages all the learning, administrative, and data management within our platform.

Pliant is the only platform to create new or leverage existing automation under centralized governance and delivers a unified interface that interacts with all the systems powering your infrastructure. The platform enables enterprises to build IT process automation without the usual constraints of incompatible code libraries, underlying protocols, and syntactic issues associated with scripting languages.

ROAR for Good

Based in Philadelphia, a women-owned and mission-driven technology company dedicated to cultivating safer workplaces.

Workplace safety is a growing concern. Injuries & harassment can lead to stress, increased liability, and high turnover. Wearable and discreet panic buttons provide quick access to de-escalate incidents and summon help quickly.

Built from the ground up using feedback directly from workers, our staff safety platform protects workers to improve well-being and increase job satisfaction. Simply put, no one should be afraid while trying to earn a wage.

Strados Labs

Strados Labs, a medical technology company focused on enabling the understanding of pulmonary diseases and respiratory health to provide enhanced patient care, recently received FDA 510(k) clearance for its lung sound monitor and connected platform, RESP™. This first-of-its-kind technology enables doctors to identify abnormal breathing patterns anywhere and at any given time. Often referred to as, the “Holter Monitor for the Lungs”, the RESP™ cloud-based system offers clinicians a cost-effective solution. There is currently no convenient or easy way for caregivers to capture abnormal patient lung sounds and patterns remotely when a patient has no supervision (putting patients at risk of pulmonary decompensation between visits). Strados Labs is experiencing intense interest for its technology from pharmaceutical companies for respiratory infectious disease decentralized clinical trials due to COVID-19.

Strategikon Pharma

Strategikon Pharma has developed world-class application processes and technologies to address a significantly underserved market of clinical business operations. This is a key area that is often a roadblock to the planning and execution of the biopharmaceutical industry’s most critical function – developing new medical treatments. Our Clinical Maestro™ solution is the industry’s leading cloud-based platform that modernizes outsourcing for clinical programs. Its modular design provides highly functional stand-alone solutions that also work together seamlessly for maximum efficiency and ROI. Budgeting. Sourcing. Reforecasting. Accruals. Contract performance. Costing. Benchmarking. Subcontractor management. Governance. Clinical Maestro advances outsourcing for both buyers and sellers. Clinical Maestro is an industry-wide aggregation of anonymized clinical trial bid data from Sponsors and Service Providers, making it an extremely powerful benchmarking tool.


Sweft is SaaS software that helps retailers of all sizes quickly and profitably scale their online businesses by automating processes, connecting teams and reducing reliance on manual entry Excel spreadsheets. Retailers struggle to efficiently and accurately create the digital assets required to populate product detail pages (PDP) to sell online reducing their growth, profitability and competitive position. Sweft is an end-to-end SaaS solution with seven modules that organizes and automates the workflow management of digital asset creation. Sweft’s clear dashboard, priority alerts and 360 degree view of the product provide both visibility and accountability of tasks across a retailer’s teams, including buying, sample management, creative, marketing, copywriting and web production to allow them to work together smarter to launch new products faster from anywhere


Verif-y is a technology company that offers a suite of identity verification solutions. These solutions include: regulatory compliance screening services such as Identity Screening (e.g. KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Accredited Investor screenings, as well as other tools such as credential, license & employment verification services.  We leverage innovative and cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide trusted exchange in the digital world.

Unlike other compliance service providers, we do not store customers’ data, leaving it vulnerable to misuse hacks. Instead, we developed a fully de-centralized solution, which serves as the basis for a Self-Sovereign Identity Platform.  Additionally, our tools are modular, and easy to integrate, thus enabling companies to easily mitigate risk while remaining fully compliant.  Verif-y solves the problem of accurate, immediate and privacy focused interaction with customers and users.


  • 2020 – boodleAI
  • 2019 – Crossbeam
  • 2018 – Slyce
  • 2017 – 51 Maps
  • 2016 – RedOwl
  • 2015 – Tesorio
  • 2014 – SocialLadder
  • 2013 – PeopleLinx
  • 2012 – Cloudamize

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