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2020 Demo Pit

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) is an enterprise financial technology platform designed to transform the business model of investing in alternatives (any investment other than stocks, bonds, cash and mutual funds). Wealth managers have typically been slow to adopt alternative investments due to their complexity, regulations, and traditionally paper-led process that incurred increased risk — until now.

AIX’s pioneering platform solves this problem for the financial industry by connecting all trade data through the entire investment process logically, efficiently, and seamlessly. Designed to remove friction across the previously opaque and manual clearing and settlement process, only AIX’s leading-edge technology provides full data connectivity across the entire lifecycle of buying, owning and selling.

boodleAI finds the best prospects in any contact list. It leverages proven AI/machine learning to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in organizations, along with billions of third party data points, to help organizations achieve significant lifts in conversion, engagement, and retention rates through predictive analytics.


Cassian Solutions is a B2B SaaS company that offers an integrated hardware solution which leverages patient smartphone compliance to improve health outcomes and increase data collection for patients enrolled in specialty pharmacies. Our tiered solutions take advantage of our patient engagement engine that can deliver unparalleled data through the inclusion of our hardware data collection tool, MediTrak. Our products are sold to the 750 unique specialty pharmacies in the US who currently spend over $12 billion on patient management for specialty disease states. Our solutions reduce the time and money spent by specialty pharmacies on patient care while also increasing their in-house capabilities. With the addition of our products, specialty pharmacies can now compete for enhanced data collection programs and limited distribution drug programs.

IKE AI Software (SaaS) products augment business processes, search and insights with deep Natural Language Understanding. IKE dialogs and causal knowledge answer even the most complex questions by bringing together internal and external data, documents and web content. IKE’s ability to understand a person’s intent powers our automated discovery bots, analysis and workflows leading to better decisions based on more varied perspectives and info. Our IKE interpreter resolves ambiguity in human language to understand a person’s intent, match it with information in databases and documents, ask clarifying questions, make processes more intelligent, perform cognitive search and answer “why” and “how’ questions. IKE data management tools discover and catalog data, create data lakes and support complex analytics. IKE workflow engine automates dialog-based business processes.

Neura Health is a team of practicing doctors, software engineers and data scientists working on building innovative AI products for Healthcare Medical Imaging Industry particularly for Cancer detection using Deep Learning Neural Network techniques.

Our goal is to build innovative AI products using the latest IT tools available and augment Medical Professionals, Clinicians and Radiologists with AI capability to increase their productivity and reduce time and cost for the patients. The AI models are built using publicly available Imaging datasets and AI Models curated and annotated by world renowned Radiologyexperts. Our first AI model is called NeuraDetect and is used to detect breast density, screening BI-RADS classification and Breast Cancer classification from Mammography Images.

Our products seamlessly integrate with the existing clinical workflow and leverages client’s DICOM router for transmission of Medical Images from Mammogram modality. Other technologies being used are Google Cloud Platform’s Healthcare DICOMWeb APIs, Google’s AutoML for model training and AI Inference engine running on Kubernetes cluster.

Pulsedive is a cybersecurity threat intelligence startup founded in 2017 and headquartered in New Jersey.

Led by cofounders Daniel Sherry and Grace Chi, Pulsedive delivers high-fidelity cyber threat intelligence to help organizations proactively improve their security posture.

Intuitive search and risk scoring paired with enriched, contextual data keeps busy teams prioritized – helping to prevent wasteful false-positive investigations. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with internal and third-party systems, teams can flexibly leverage Pulsedive’s one-stop-shop platform and data.

Pulsedive’s threat intelligence offerings support organizations at every level of security maturity. Our products and services include the Pulsedive Community Platform, Pulsedive API, Pulsedive Feed, and Pulsedive Enterprise.

StaffGeek helps companies hire smarter. Companies powered by StaffGeek have been able to reduce time to hire, onboarding and turnover. We do this by helping companies identify which candidates are the right fit for their company’s culture. Through our proprietary DNA Sequencing (Distinct Native Attributes), we are able to quantify your company’s culture. Those results are used to create a FitTechTM assessment that is customized to your company. Armed with your customized FitTechTM assessment, you can evaluate which candidates are the right fit for your company culture. Don’t wait. Start hiring smarter today with a free trial to create your company’s own customized FitTech assessment powered by StaffGeek. is a growth stage software company improving the efficiency and transparency of nonprofit outcomes through voice enabled AI solutions built on Microsoft and powered by the Nonprofit Common Data Model. We are a NetHope corporate partner and Microsoft Tech for Social Impact partner.

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