Phillymag: Ben Franklin Tech Partners Pumped $3.7M Into These 21 Philly-Area Startups Last Quarter

Tech investment powerhouse Ben Franklin Technology Partners released their third quarter investment plan this week and 21 early-stage companies got approved for investment. A total of $3.7 in funding has been approved, and eight companies in the physical sciences sector got approved for the biggest sum of investment. The eight companies will receive $1.4 million in total.

The group’s three other divisions – information technology, digital health, and health – each hold 5 or fewer companies.

The busy quarter can be partly attributed to the four-year digital health partnership between Ben Franklin, Independence Health Group and Safeguard Scientifics, that was launched back in December 2016. The partners pledged $2 million each to specifically fuel local, early-stage, digital health startups. Four companies listed below were approved for investment through the new fund.

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