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Luxe is an on-demand valet service, similar to Uber but for parking your car. With the Luxe app, drivers can conveniently have a Luxe valet meet them at their destination and have their car parked for them in one of the company’s secure lots and garages. Luxe has been praised in the NYT and WSJ for how it has eliminated the pain of parking.

Here’s how it works:

• Download the Luxe app on your mobile device and register to use the service.
• Notify Amy Yozviak at where you work and that you are interested in the free week of parking so you will not be charged when you use the service.
• Enter your destination in the Luxe app before you start your trip or about 20 minutes before your arrival.
• A Luxe valet will be waiting at your arrival destination to take your car to a nearby secure parking facility where we have an arrangement.
• Request or schedule your car return time in the app about 20 mins before you want to be picked up at your departure destination.
• Payment for the pilot is free, and tip is handled through the app so no cash has to be produced.

After you have tried the free week pilot, you are then invited to participate in our Philly launch monthly promo. For $199, you can subscribe to our Commuter Monthly subscription with unlimited ins/outs on weekdays (no overnights). After the monthly promo has ended, you can continue with a monthly subscription with Luxe at market price.

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