Outside of the Valley, Alternative Markets Attract Investors – Safeguard Scientifics

Nearly 60 percent of all U.S. venture capital activity is concentrated in the Bay Area, Boston metro, and New York City’s orbit.[1]

For some entrepreneurs, this is seen as an obstacle. Groundbreaking ideas can be marginalized if they are not located in one of these “preferred” regions. But investors are beginning to take a harder look at alternative markets, those with access to affordable talent and prospective customers.

While Silicon Valley can be an extremely competitive place to get a deal done, overlooked states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, to name a few, are home to innovative companies with highly skilled entrepreneurs.

This paradigm shift has been building for years, with technology breaking down logistical barriers to doing business. Employees, investors, and customers alike can be in different time zones while still seamlessly communicating.

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