New BPM-D Whitepaper: “Chief Process Officer – The Value Scout”

Philadelphia, USA / London UK, June/July 2014. BPM-D released a new whitepaper entitled “Chief Process Officer – The Value Scout”. It is authored by the two founders of the company, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer and Peter Franz. “The new paper provides insights into an emerging top management role providing significant value through a dynamic process management discipline. The CPO leads the systematic and pragmatic transfer of business strategy into execution”, stated Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO of BPM-D.

We live in a continuously changing business environment, which moves ever-closer to a more-connected digital world. Successful organizations need to be proactive and adjust quickly. Therefore an increasing number of organizations are establishing a Business Process Management Discipline (BPM-Discipline™) in order to move their strategy into execution at pace with certainty. As any other management discipline, the BPM-Discipline is established through the appropriate business process, the process of process management. This new process is led through an emerging top management role, the Chief Process Officer (CPO). The CPO manages the process of process management in a way that it creates value by executing the business strategy across organizational boundaries, like departments or divisions. The CPO is the “value scout” of the organization.


About BPM-D

BPM-D™ is an innovative and reliable business partner that enables organizations to deliver the full potential from the Business Process Management-Discipline (BPM-Discipline™). The business was established based on the years of experience of its co-founders in delivering components of this vision: strategy; governance; process improvement; modeling & repositories; and change enablement to organizations, both large and small.

All BPM-D™ offerings are based on the patent pending BPM-D™ Framework, that provides a comprehensive vision of the components of this important discipline in an organization. The offerings support a focused and dynamic approach to process management and improvement. This is pragmatic and outcome-based, linking to business strategy and working to translate this into execution, faster and more reliably.

BPM-D™ also supports organizations to select and manage other consulting partners, especially for larger process-led transformations. We help define and balance the roles of the internal BPM-Discipline™ and the externally acquired services to ensure that programs deliver immediate improvement and a sustainable ability to realize the value form change.

For small and medium sized software and consulting companies we leverage our years of industry experience to assist in defining and executing growth and internationalization plans. We provide support in all areas of the BPM-Discipline™ critical to the success of our clients.


Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO


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