Migrating to LeanFT? Know your Costs, Challenges and Options

Written by PACT Member and the Cover Story Author for August 2015, Gallop Solutions

Since June 2015, precisely after the mega HP Discover at Las Vegas, Twitter feeds & Google search results started getting abuzz with information about HP’s latest innovation – HP Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT). Lean Functional Testing is a powerful, lightweight, developer-oriented testing tool built specifically for continuous testing and continuous integration. With Agile and DevOps practices at the forefront, it demands a constant shift-left/right approach in the software development life cycle. Global enterprises using HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) see enormous benefits in migrating over to LeanFT, especially because LeanFT aligns perfectly with enterprises’ Agile & DevOps journey.

It thus becomes imperative to understand and evaluate what it takes to migrate to LeanFT – the associated costs, challenges and options available.

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