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Last week, Mentor Connect sat down with four Successful CEO Founders: Kathleen Brunner, President and CEO, Acumen-Analytics, LeRoy Jones, Senior Vice President, Care Delivery Transformation, Medecision, Ned Moore, CEO, Clutch and Mitch Stewart, CTO and Co-Founder, Guru.

With our mentees and sponsors in-hand, we took a close look at how these mentors shape their journeys from start to success.

At the end of the night, our mentees walked away with three key ingredients for entrepreneurial growth: CEO superpowers, loneliness hacks, and raising customers. Below are their main tips and tricks.

CEO Superpowers

  • Deliver clear communication regularly through weekly team meetings, digital correspondence and reminders at quarterly meetings.
  • Be deliberate with the culture you’re trying to build.
  • Do all things that no one else want to do from making tough decisions to taking out the trash.
  • Be ready to reinvent the company to better fit the customers’ needs.
  • Identify problems and learn from mistakes through feedback and available data.
  • Begin with a direction and try to end closely to what you wanted to accomplish.
  • Create a plan that people can believe in. Then, work to make believers out of employees, investors and customers.

Loneliness Hacks

  • Keep a network of successful CEOs and purposely meet them regularly. Join professional organizations to make a strong network.
  • Networking is a job. Use mentors that you know you can talk to.
  • Not deciding is worse than making a bad decision.
  • Make phone dictations when ideas come up. Dump your thoughts out to begin creating solutions.
  • It’s only lonely at the top if you make it that way. Embrace your senior team to make your mission a team sport.
  • Remember the exciting elements of your business. It might be different now than it was six months ago. Reassert yourself based on the opportunities established now.

Raising Customers

  • Customer feedback generates the best solutions.
  • Every entrepreneur focuses on raising capital but for early-stage companies raising customers matters most.
  • Vet your mission and idea to prospective customers first. Turn your idea as you go. This will help develop guiding principles based on customer feedback.
  • Think about how price fits with the customers’ needs and use sales to drive market research.
  • Find the customers in the most “pain” and tailor the sales process to them. They will help improve the product and solutions overall.
  • Use specific expertise to develop the product. Solve the customers’ problems versus selling the solutions.

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