Keirestu Forum Mid-Atlantic Creates “Angel Treaty” in Philadelphia

October 3, 2017  – Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic (K4-MA), a global angel investment network, facilitated an “Angel Treaty” among and for the members of the Pennsylvania Angel Network (PAN).

The treaty formalized the already strong spirit of cooperation among the PAN angel investor groups, allowing investors to share critical information that expands deal making opportunities throughout the region.

PAN provides resources and support to the angel community throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic is a member of PAN.

“Seven years ago when we launched Keiretsu Forum in Philadelphia, the angel environment was very different from today,” said Howard Lubert, area president of K4-MA.

“Developing and implementing the treaty created an open syndication environment that expanded funding opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking investments in the region,” he said.

This treaty helped in several areas:
• Open syndication of deal flow between all the groups.
• Ability to share due diligence documents without concerns for liability, as the treaty does not guarantee the deals will be fully suitable to each investor. The provided due diligence materials serve as a baseline for others to do theirs.

“By working together and with the ability to ‘freely’ share materials and information, angel groups can potentially streamline the due diligence process for the entrepreneur,” said Jeffrey Snellenburg from the PAN Network.

Both officials said the goal of the treaty is a cross-funding opportunity for the region.

“The treaty is another resource/tool for the angel groups to build relationships and work together towards funding promising companies. Most funding rounds are too big for one angel group to fund itself. Given that angel groups will most likely be co-investing with other early stage investors, a treaty such as this one helps the parties involved,” Snellenburg said.

“The treaty means more deals are getting done and bigger deals are getting done,” Lubert added.
Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, is scheduled to host its 5th Annual Angel Capital ExpoTM Thursday, October 19, 2017 at The Union League, 140 S. Broad, Philadelphia, PA.

More than 200 of the Delaware Valley’s most active and respected angel investors are expected to attend this premier gathering of angel investors as well as entrepreneurs seeking funding capital to grow their businesses.

Accredited angel investors may register online at



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