HSX MarketStreet: A Two-Sided Platform Connecting Your Product with Consumers’ Clinical Data

Your health is better when your health information follows you.  If that happens, informed doctors and other healthcare providers offer you more timely and appropriate care.  Everyone wins –– and now, with your creativity, the benefits of such data availability are expanding beyond healthcare providers and directly to consumers.

Your care-management team should always be connected to your up-to-date medical history and specific needs, and those treating you in an emergency situation should have crucial information about your allergies, medications, conditions, previous hospitalizations, and more at their fingertips.  When your health information is known to those responsible for maintaining your health, the result is improved outcomes. 

This is the fundamental principle on which HealthShare Exchange (HSX) was founded as a nonprofit in 2012, serving as the health information exchange for Greater Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, including southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.  The region’s major healthcare entities put aside competition when they came together to create HSX, knowing that secure access to health information across the medical service area enables preventive and cost-effective care, improves quality and the patient experience, and facilitates medical transitions.  This kind of collaboration among healthcare stakeholders can improve results for an entire population. 

To get there, HSX has onboarded more than 300 healthcare organizations that operate more than 2000 facilities.  HSX participants include all of the region’s health systems and acute-care hospitals, as well as an expanding group of the major healthcare insurers, and a long list of independent ambulatory practices, behavioral health organizations, post-acute care organizations, and accountable care organizations.  Today, the patient data exchanged and accumulated through this network is taking a leap to the second phase of usability –– potentially enabling your enterprise.

Fostering the Start-Up and Growth of Data Partners

HSX’s latest innovative initiative to improve the lives of regional consumers through secure health information exchange is HSX MarketStreetTM.  This platform is built upon two crucial HSX assets: technological integrations with health systems’ EMRs, and access to clinical data of more than 8 million patients in its service region.  HSX MarketStreet is a two-sided platform connecting these assets on one side with third party companies on the other side who use them to improve solutions, tools, and interventions in health and healthcare.  These commercial applications exchange clinical data via MarketStreet for purposes of patient treatment and care coordination, or by obtaining explicit patient consent to have health information exchanged for a specific use. 

HSX MarketStreet’s publicly available sandbox, and its APIs (application programming interfaces), allows entities to explore how their services and applications can integrate with HSX data.  Technology companies can test the viability of using data from a regional health information exchange (HIE) –– in this case, HSX –– as they develop, enhance, and integrate their offerings.  Products and services that can come onto the MarketStreet platform range from consumer-facing health-monitoring mobile applications, home monitoring devices, inpatient care transition tools, prior-authorization and physician-referral solutions, and more. 

Once an entity has developed a service on the MarketStreet Sandbox, the “use case” is vetted by the HSX MarketStreet team before entering into our DataLine program, a one-year trial-run period in which:

  • the use case will be brought to market
  • the company will receive business-development and client-expansion assistance from HSX
  • the production implementation will be monitored and assessed for the benefit of the healthcare market
  • and future revenue and growth models will be drafted, based on maintaining financial sustainability for the onboarded entity and for HealthShare Exchange. 

Once the DataLine program is complete for an entity and the HSX team assesses the product/service as favorable to continue on MarketStreet, the partnership will enter into the ElevatedLine program –– a long-term opportunity for entities to continue supporting their applications or other offerings with HSX MarketStreet technology and information exchange, in order to facilitate sustained growth and success for our partner companies. 

HSX Has Done the Hard Part by Creating the Data Platform

HSX MarketStreet offers a one-stop shop for its partners.  Connect with HSX MarketStreet once via our custom and FHIR-based APIs, and your product or service will immediately have direct technological connections to each of the thousands of facilities that are a part of the HSX HIE.  Products and services connecting with the MarketStreet platform will not have to complete technical implementations for each newly contracted client who will use their product, a process that is a costly and time-consuming barrier to integration.  HealthShare Exchange has spent six years establishing secure, permissioned connectivity throughout the region.  This exchange has permitted sharing of patient health information with those who need it most at provider and payer organizations –– and now, with those entities that can make best use of it directly with consumers. 

HSX MarketStreet is an opportunity for companies of all sizes, stages, and product types to enhance their offerings and streamline their time to market.  For more information on HSX MarketStreet, and to begin the process of propelling your innovation forward, visit www.hsxmarketstreet.com.  

*For more information on current HSX membership, HSX services offerings, and to inquire about becoming an HSX member, visit www.healthshareexchange.org

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