Exposed to the Elements

Cadient Group Visualizes the Post-ACA Healthcare Landscape Through the Launch of Its Table of Healthcare Elements

by Steve Wray, President and CEO, Cadient Group                                                                                           


Whether you’re a Boomer, Gen-Xer, or Millennial, at some point the educational system attempted to indelibly stamp the Periodic Table of the Elements onto your frontal lobe. When Mendeleev and others began assembling this table back in the mid-19th century, their goal was to organize and illustrate a complex set of known and theoretical relationships within chemistry to help the masses better understand ambiguous scientific properties and to place future discoveries into context. In retrospect, the periodic table established a framework for the evolution of chemistry and provided hope that the scientifically challenged (myself included) might actually be able to get a grip on the subject.

At Cadient Group, we believe that the diverse and ever-changing landscape of healthcare lends itself to a similar visualization of the elements and relationships. With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 2014 represents a prudent time to establish a baseline view of a dramatically altered healthcare universe. The new alphabet soup of ACA-related acronyms alone would justify such an exercise. By developing and launching the Table of Healthcare Elements (, we are allowing visitors to learn about any of the 120 elements organized in 10 categories in the table. Users can learn on their own or be guided by Cadient Group’s “digital alchemists.” The site also lets users select which elements they believe will play a meaningful role in shaping the future direction of healthcare and to receive their own PDF version of the table for future reference. This unique, interactive table provides a concise and easy-to-use platform for users to navigate the labyrinth of the new post-ACA landscape.

While addressing macro issues such as legislation, finance, and insurance plans, the Table of Healthcare Elements integrates the newer dynamics of ACA benefits, provider networks, health technology, and mobile health. Cadient Group also plans to release a Table of Healthcare Elements app for iPhone devices via download in the Apple iTunes App Store in the third quarter of 2014, similar to the Elements of Digital app the agency introduced last year (

For those struggling to understand how an IDN might play a role in your ESI, or if your WHD can interact with your PHR, this could be a great place to start. If you have an appetite for learning more about how healthcare has changed, the table is set.


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