Download the IMPACT 2012 Mobile App Today!

The moment has finally arrived: the IMPACT 2012 free mobile app is now available for download!
Here’s how you can access your virtual handbook for IMPACT 2012 Venture Summit Mid-Atlantic:

iPhone, iPad, and Apple users:
•Search for “IMPACT Venture Conference” in the App Store
• Install the app
• Run the app

Android users:
• Search for “IMPACT Venture Conference” in the Market
• Install the app
• Run the app

Blackberry, PC, and other users:
• Enter “” in your device’s browser address bar
*Note: the web version of the app requires continued internet access to run

For more information about the mobile app, contact Emily Herman.

Features of the IMPACT 2012 Mobile App
A sleek and easy-to-use mobile app is replacing the traditional bulky conference handbook – download it today!

This year, instead of having attendees navigate the conference via a thick paper-filled handbook, PACT presents its handbook in form of an “IMPACT 2012” mobile app to be downloaded by attendees prior to the conference.

Attendees can:
• see who is attending the conference by viewing the dynamic attendee list by clicking the “more” tab on the bottom right of your screen, and then clicking on “Attendees”
• quickly build a personalized schedule for the conference based on the panel
discussions, presenting company tracks, and networking breaks listed in the
“schedule” tab which has the full agenda
• sneak a peek at the Featured Companies, speakers, and panel sessions that you will see on November 7 & 8
• connect with other attendees on social media via Twitter, LinkedIn, and

Do not leave your charger at home: a fully charged phone will ensure that you enjoy the new paperless handbook!

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