Does anybody here have a mobile device?


Written by: Ron Schlecht Jr, CISSP, CCE, CBCP, Founder, Managing Partner BTB Security

The title of this article was changed four times before the first word was even written. From “cell phone” to “smart phone”, then “phone or tablet”, and finally “mobile device”. The reality is that mobile technology has evolved rapidly in the last ten years. When we all started getting our work email on our phones, the excitement was really about not booting up the laptop and immediately being inundated with email to deal with. Now, there are a growing number of folks that rarely, if ever, boot up an actual computer.

The term “information security” can mean many different things to people. The term “mobile cyber security”, is just as obtuse as was realized at the recent PACT panel discussion on the topic.

Concern and the discussion centered around the physical devices themselves, the transmission of data, the applications that we all love and use, and not-surprisingly the Internet of Things. Fencing in the discussion was not an option, as it was too exciting and valid in every avenue. The ground-breaking conclusions:

  • The threats to security and privacy are real.
  • There is no silver bullet for all of the concerns lumped in to “mobile cyber security”, because the technology, the application of it, and its business use are all very different.

Don’t be completely discouraged, the passion and participation at this event was unrivaled, which was more exciting than the techy talk itself. Senior business leaders are worried, which has driven their need to understand and discuss the issues. Awareness is a critical component to mitigating the threats, taking action with trusted advisors follows easily then.

The risks associated with mobility, mobile devices and mobile applications can be scary. The underlying technology has become increasingly complex. At the same time, the number of mobile devices is outpacing the population, the average user has twenty or more apps on their device, and new applications can be created more rapidly than ever.

The technology has allowed the realization of our imaginations, has proved beneficial in several business and personal applications…and has once again outpaced security.

BTW, this was written on an iPhone in an airport.

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Ron Schlecht Jr, CISSP, CCE, CBCP
Founder, Managing Partner
BTB Security

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